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    Grand Hotel Tremezzo: Lake Como’s Crown Jewel

    • Jun 23, 2014

    • By:Mara Model

    A visit to Lake Como promises both an escape from reality and the realization that this is exactly the way life should be lived—precisely why A-listers of every kind flock to its idyllic shores. 

    Grand Hotel Tremezzo front viewPerched regally above those shores sits the iconic Grand Hotel Tremezzo, a family-owned palace built in 1910, offering exquisite cuisine, period details, and endless, stunning views. From the swimming pool that magically floats on the lake and private tours aboard their Venetian boat, to the resplendent terraced gardens, this is Lake Como at its finest.

    And just when you think the pinnacle of luxury has been reached, you set foot inside your lavish rooftop suite, complete with outdoor Jacuzzi, panoramic views from every angle (from the bed to the bathtub), and bespoke butler service. When forced to leave your princely quarters, do so to dine on homemade pastas under the stars, which glisten on the lake beside you—then return to your penthouse that awaits, anticipating your every need.

    Check out more photos below and visit www.grandhoteltremezzo.com for reservations and information.


    Tremezzo_ Suite -panoramic living roomTremezzo salonTremezzo flower poolTremezzo rooftop junior suite terrace