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    Guerlain Spa —As You Wish

    • Feb 8, 2014

    • By:Ty Sawyer

    The legendary Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan has always been an oasis of elegance, luxury and grace with a timeless appeal built upon the flawless service and attention to detail of yesteryear with all the amenities of our modern era. And, within the environs of this Manhattan landmark is an indulgent retreat from the hustle and frenzy of world that demands our constant attention: the Guerlain Spa. The spa quietly and efficiently attends to your every need by customizing and personalizing every treatment. No pampering detail is left unturned, including bespoke playlists, aromas and therapies designed to transport you to state of serenity, both relaxed and rejuvenated.

    Whether you’re a man or a woman, the Ultimate Experience will attend to your needs with more than 3-hours of tranquility, head to toe treatments and sensual extravagances.

    To ensure you’re ready to face the world after your treatments, the spa will shine your shoes, refresh your make-up and steam your garments to a just cleaned state.


    100 East 50th Street

    New York City, NY 10022