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    Guilty jean. Jewelry

    • Jul 26, 2013

    • By:Marianella Orlando

    Some people believe there to be unique energies found in gemstones. They believe that jewels hewn from crystal, and metal bent into charms, can offer benefits as varied as the multi-faceted minerals found deep beneath the earth. While cynics may be quick to downplay the properties these rocks supposedly exhibit, it is hard to argue with the genuine feeling one has when putting on their favorite necklace, bracelet or charm.

    The same feeling applies when wearing a handcrafted piece of Manhattan-based Guilty jean. Using stones from around the world to bring to life their unique designs, this unprejudiced collaboration of style combines gothic punk, spirituality, femininity and rugged masculinity to add a whole new meaning to jewelry.

    Fate brought co-founders Nicole Rivera, a New Yorker, and Connecticut-based Maria Vaspasiano together in 2008. The two artists instantly clicked over their love of fashion and soon began sharing and revamping their old pieces of jewelry.

    Nicole’s dark style and admiration for mediation and yoga provided a  “bohemian-goth” look that blended well with Maria’s eclectic style and love for vintage. Eventually their bold ideas drove them toward distinct stones, mixed metals and edgy charms to create Guilty jean.

    Catering to both men and women, Guilty jean.’s handcrafted collections include earrings, necklaces, headpieces, bracelets and rosaries. Clients can also choose from skulls, religious symbols and bows to bring out their inner edge.

    The vast assortment of beads in each piece—including agate, onyx, jade, turquoise, and pyrite—are believed to exert different forms of energy. Healing properties cards are provided with every bracelet to produce a deeper connection with each piece of jewelry.

    The 2013 Spring/Summer women’s line, “Love, Gypsy” introduces the Morbid Friendship bracelet, a spinoff of a childhood favorite that is ornamented with five silver skulls and a stainless steal chain—and the Double Trouble Mini bracelet, a beaded onyx bracelet with two facing silver or gold skulls.

    The collection’s bracelets, necklaces and rosaries still hold true to the gothic style with their skull and gypsy charms, but take a twist with an inviting mix of neutral colors.