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    Hamilton Jewelers: A Shining Example of Excellence

    • Jul 28, 2012

    • By:Lisa Braun

    Over the last century the name Hamilton Jewelers has become synonymous with high quality and great luxury. The success story began in 1912 where the legacy of the company’s credibility and superiority blossomed. Over the following decades Hamilton Jewelers has maintained its standing with innovative and extraordinary designs that continue to impress.

    Step in to the store and you are instantly met with vast collections of striking, customized pieces sparkling back at you from the dozens of expertly manned cases. Even the most seasoned shopper is sure to feel a sudden spike in excitement and eagerness to explore. It’s hard to resist indulging once inside Hamilton Jewelers and let’s be real–at HudsonMOD we’re not ones to deny ourselves.

    We instantly gravitated towards the Skipping Stone Diamond Necklace that cleverly combines the timelessness of a strand of diamonds with a unique pattern that steals your attention. With over 22 carats in total weight, the illumination off of the cascading diamonds mimics pebbles skimming the water’s surface.

    To catch a glimpse for yourself, visit one of Hamilton Jewelers three New Jersey locations or their online collection.