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    Haute Parfumerie Collection by Chopard

    • Jun 7, 2017

    • By:Lindsey Heale

    chopardJust two weeks ago, Chopard reinstated itself as an innovator of the fragrance brand with its sustainable, uni-sex perfume collection. Boasting four new, unique scents, Chopard posted the announcement to their Instagram with the caption:

    We are pleased to present our #ChopardHauteParfumerie Collection, four unique fragrances showcasing three extraordinary naturals from the Firmenich NATURALS TOGETHER™ program for responsible natural ingredient sourcing: Vetiver from Haiti, Vanilla from Madagascar and Cardamom from Guatemala,” accompanied by a photograph.

    The scents, respectfully entitled Vanille, Magnolia, Vétiver and Néroli, are crafted with personalities that reflect their origins. However, whether from Madagascar, Haiti or Guatemala, Chopard crafts its Haute Parfumerie Collection with a sustainable, eco-friendly mindset.

    This step in an environmentally-friendly direction paves the way for the big brands of the fragrance industry to adopt similar mindsets. As perfumes participate in habitat destruction for ingredients, waste production from packaging and harmful pesticide use on plants, the industry has room to limit its eco-footprint. Many smaller businesses have already tailored their brands in this way, through renewable packaging and a practice of mindfulness during production.

    Chopard’s connection to Eco-Age, an organization founded by Livia Firth that spearheads ethical and sustainable thought in global industry leaders, has enabled Chopard to find success in its Journey to Sustainable Luxury as well. The Haute Parfumerie Collection is a shining example, which Ms. Firth lauded both on Eco-Age’s website and at the luncheon where Chopard first unveiled the four scents. On the website, the Haute Parfumerie Collection is said to be composed of, “Four stunning fragrances that support and promote Chopard’s idea of luxury: a unique alliance of beauty, excellence, pleasure and ethical values.” Indeed, through this new eco-friendly fragrance collection, consumers can be delighted to know that they are in the lap of luxury, but not at the detriment of the environment.


    For more information regarding Chopard’s Haute Parfumerie Collection, please visit: Chopard.com


    Images via Chopard’s Instagram; Featured Image via Vogue.ru