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    Have A Happy, Healthy Holiday Season

    • Dec 19, 2012

    • By:Amanda Mcelroy

    At a time when we should be celebrating our blessings and those who make our lives so special, scheduling time to do so can be anything but blissful. Aside from running back and forth from store to store checking off everyone on your holiday gift list, the added stress of planning the perfect get together with the perfect food for your perfect guests, can leave even someone with a normally cheerful disposition feeling a little bit like Scrooge. Thankfully, Bergen County’s own Araya Rebirth has a menu of services that will provide you with three minutes to three hours of relaxation—whatever you have the time for.

    Work Out The Kinks

    Just 60 minutes is all you need to indulge in an Aromatherapy Warm Stone Massage at Araya Rebirth. “The benefits of this massage will be lasting,” explained owner Daniela Musano. “Massage Therapy boosts our circulation, our lymphatic system activity, tones our muscles and hydrates the skin.”

    Wax It Off

    Sometimes, something as simple as an eyebrow wax can help to boost both your mood and appearance.

    Burn, Baby, Burn

    Away from the spa, lighting a candle with your favorite scent helps to create a relaxing atmosphere for the end of your day. Musano recommends a warm bath for an added effect of pure bliss.