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    High Definition Makeup

    • Jul 26, 2013

    • By:Jacqueline Roman

    They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but every woman knows that makeup comes in a very close second place. Makeup is also unique in that it is utilized by all walks of life; loyal users spanning from the Oscar nominated actress that spends hours on set, to the business executive that wants to polish her office look. The main draw of makeup is that it is one of the only products that can help a woman become both something other than herself and herself quite completely. This transformative power of makeup is perhaps more thoroughly understood by no one other than Dany Sanz, the founder of Make Up For Ever.

    Sanz began her career in the artistic world as a painter and a sculptor before falling into a lifelong fervor with the power of makeup. After realizing that there was not only a plentiful need for quality makeup, but also much enjoyment to be had from this new creative experience, Sanz opened her first professional makeup school in Europe in the 1970s. The nurturing relationships she developed with students, as well as the bountiful knowledge of technique, helped catapult her school and product line to national success. Recognizable for its premium quality, product innovation and extravagant color palette, Make Up For Ever has become a preferred brand for photo shoots, special effects, opera and the everyday girl.

    It may seem strange to use the term “product innovation” in regards to makeup, however, this company strives to provide customers with not just cutting edge appearance, but also cutting edge scientific formulas that will ensure long lasting and noticeable results. Make Up For Ever’s most impressive example of this new generation of makeup is their HD line. The High Definition products are composed of a chemical formula that allows makeup to be invisible to HD cameras, nonetheless the human eye. These cosmetics can not only camouflage imperfections but also blend in seamlessly with your skin, a revolutionary invention in this field. Make Up For Ever develops primer, foundation, concealer and blush with this HD advancement, so we recommend splurging on these irreplaceable company products.

    Sanz also understands the importance of the aesthetic quality of makeup, so her company provides an overwhelming amount of stunning palette colors and shimmering shades. The classic Twelve Flash Color Case is endlessly versatile and and rates high in both its ease of application and appearance. Another product sure to impress is the lipstick palette, which has a possibility of thirteen preselected combinations. With the possibility of blending all five shades, women have the opportunity to develop their own individual look. The options are endless at Make Up For Ever; with blush, eyeliner and glitter yet to be explored the potential for discovery beckons you.