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    Holiday Party Looks That Fit In Your Clutch

    • Dec 21, 2012

    • By:Jacqueline Roman

    Does your inner socialite make an appearance when the holiday season hits? We know that our fabulous HudsonMOD readers are attending a multitude of events and parties throughout the winter months and we also know that in this rush to rendezvous, the time available to transform into the winter beauty you really are is scarce. Fret not, NYX Cosmetics can make heads turn and holiday lights look dim in comparison as you shine this holiday season. Whether you’ve got an hour of prep time or a short car ride to the soiree, these glamorous cosmetics are the perfect way to fit dozens of party looks right in your purse.

    The Curve Eyeliner: You could probably be jostled in the seat of your limo cruising the Manhattan streets and still not smudge your eyeliner while applying The Curve. With an innovative ergonomic shape that allows for steady, even lining, it’s impossible to apply anything less than the perfect wing or cat eye. And don’t plan on leaving the party early, this liner lasts up to 14 hours.

    Winter in Moscow palette: So how do you fit an entire sultry smoky eye look into one adorable Dolce clutch? The Winter in Moscow palette can give you a mesmerizing look that’ll throw the entire crowd into a hypnotic state. With five eye shadows, five lip colors, and two blushes, you can basically fit an entire beauty team inside your bag with room leftover for your iPhone.

    Stick Blush: Have everyone at the party marveling at your radiant skin and wondering what island you just returned from with the creamy Stick Blush. With a quick sweep on the apples of your cheeks, you can glow in one of eight eye-catching shades. So, tell us all about that Caribbean excursion.

    Black Label Lipstick: Become the very vision of glamour and iridescent beauty as you glide on Black Label Lipstick. Buy dozens of the 48 rich colored shades and give yourself a different look for every occasion. No one will even know the science behind your velvety looking lipstick, containing emollient properties that ensure easy application and hydration.  Smile, you’re the star on the scene!