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    Home Fragrances: Must-Have Candles

    • Oct 10, 2016

    • By:Nicole Fonzino

    As we begin to approach colder weather months here in the tri-state area, one thing everyone should invest in are luxury candles to add a touch of warmth to your home. Not only will they add to the decor of any room, but the luxurious scents will soothe you until warmer weather arrives.


    502972754_1_tabletopCapri Fig by Tiziana Terenzi

    This Italian-based line of candles will have you wish you were vacationing through the Italian terrain. Inspired by the island of Capri, the Capri Fig candle evokes scents that this vibrant island is known for. Think white sanded beaches, mist from the salty ocean and beautiful flowers everywhere you turn. Notes of Capri Fig include pomegranate, green grass, basil, sage, fig, magnolia, date, amber and birchwood, leaving your nose with a lasting scent of paradise. The brand fashions the candle using a wooden wick that helps create the same flickering sounds of a fireplace. The candle comes poured in an elaborate black glass container decorated in gold to add a touch of sophistication to any room. It also has a burn time of 120 hours, which means 120 hours of daydreaming about Capri.

    Available at Barneys.com, $95


    pggl-color-300x214Pumpkin + Ginger by Field + Fleur

    As a part of their fall/holiday 2016 collection, Field + Fleur—a new line of fragrance designed by Tracy Sullivan—has touched upon the true staple needed during the fall season: pumpkin. The true scent of autumn, Field + Fleur’s autumnal candle embodies luscious notes including ginger root and tonic bean that will instantly fill your room with a punch of fragrance. Other scents found in the Pumpkin + Ginger candle include ripe apples, vanilla bark and, of course, pumpkin. Poured into an orange or white glass vessel, the Pumpkin + Ginger candle has two wicks and a burn time of 85+ hours. To add a greater touch of fall to your cozy abode, Field + Fleur also sells the beloved candle poured into a glass container with a hand woven exterior.

    Available HillhouseNaturals.com, starting at $30


    t4gf-01-0001_oc_os_aCafe Rose by Tom Ford

    Tom Ford stands at the forefront of luxury. From stunning clothes to high-end beauty products, the renowned brand has entered into another realm that they will undoubtedly be widely successful in: candles. They launched their newest private blend candles, a collection of six scents that provide lustful and lingering fragrances. For an utterly unique scent, try Tom Ford’s Cafe Rose candle that mixes the light, airy fragrance of roses with dark bouts of coffee, spices, incense resin, amber and woods. This distinctive aroma will have you frequently reaching for your box of matches, while it’s exotic odor will have you heading to the store for more the moment it’s finished.

    Available at TomFord.com, $250


    screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-1-02-13-pmLotus + Lily White Buddha by Thompson Ferrier

    Add a spiritual touch to your room with this white Buddha candle from luxury brand Thompson Ferrier. Fashioned with soy wax and a cotton wick for a cleaner burn, this Lotus + Lily candle will instantly become your favorite go-to fragrance. Embodying the light scents of cucumber, peach, melon and lotus, this candle has a tremendous burn time of 192-210 hours, allowing you to relax all of your troubles away. When it’s finished, turn the vessel into a decorative art piece or a holder for your favorite belongings. Whatever you choose to do, the piece will be a conversation starter with any guest.

    Available at ThompsonFerrier.com, $68


    show_image_in_imgtagMojito by Malin + Goetz

    For cocktail lovers, this scent by Malin + Goetz is a must-add to your collection. Inspired by the classic cocktail the Mojito candle evokes aromas of lime, rum, mint leaves, basil, spearmint, chinese mint and white musk. It will instantly remind you of warmer weather—a perfect scent when you are curled up on your couch in the midst of winter. Blended with beeswax, vegetable and soy wax for a clean burn, this candle will have you crossing off dates in your calendar until the moment you can relax outside with a cold cocktail in your hand.

    Available at MalinAndGoetz.com, $52


    mrpoeMr. Poe by Biren & Co.

    Inspired by some of the greatest authors of all time such as Ernest Hemingway, Virginia Woolf, Oscar Wilde and Edgar Allan Poe, the memoirs collection from Biren & Co. speaks to the writer buried deep inside everyone’s soul. The LA-based company honors these coveted writers such as Edgar Allan Poe with these stunning hand-poured candles. The Mr. Poe candle includes notes of blood orange, basil, saffron blossom, cinnamon bark, clove and vanilla bean, all scents that help represent the time period of Poe. With a golden raven placed on the box to honor Poe’s iconic piece The Raven, this candle is a must-have for anyone who was mesmerized by Poe’s tumultuous past.

    Available at BirenAndCo.com, $28


    ccd207-1_d6e7eddb-7cc9-4348-b215-02af8dc5492d_1024x1024Velvet Santal by Belle Fleur

    Belle Fleur’s candles are out of this world, there’s no denying that. Crafted with the finest essential oils, that—according to the company—have been “sustainably harvested from some of the most remarkable places on earth.” The Velvet Santal candle comes beautifully packaged in a handcrafted, lacquered box that can either house the candle or can be transformed into its very own jewelry box. Not only does the luscious candle with notes of broom, magnolia, sandalwood, damascena rose and agarwood come in the box, but you also get matches, scent narrative and reed sticks. Can’t get a better deal than that.

    Available at BelleFleurNY.com, $365


    Images via TomFord.com, BelleFleur.com, Field + Fleur, BirenAndCo.com, MalinAndGoetz.com, ThompsonFerrier.com and Barneys.com. Feature image: Field + Fleur.