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    • Apr 10, 2013

    • By:Jacqueline Roman

    If any other 12-year old had been dragged across the country to help rebuild churches, it’s probably safe to say that most would not have had the same reaction as Blanche Garcia. When Garcia’s mother brought her along on this virtuous volunteering journey, Garcia didn’t throw a tantrum; instead she felt a spark ignite within her, a passion brought to life. This ambitious visionary saw potential in every tarnished structure, beauty in the weather beaten wood and intrinsic charm in what others felt was a lost cause. Harnessing this fervor for design, Garcia created perhaps one of the most well respected interior design firms in the industry, B. garcia designs.

    “I pull inspiration from the people that will use the space or the locals and history,” says Garcia. “Every space should be unique to itself. The common thread of my designs is that they all are edited and have a certain restraint to the aesthetic. But they are always warm and you get a very distinct impression of who lives or exists in each space.”

    B. garcia designs has a stellar reputation for being knowledgeable, experienced, professional and infinitely creative. With a principal interior designer that has over sixteen years of experience under her belt and a professional shopper/organizer that brings fresh innovation to every project, this company wields refined talent. The firm is especially well-known for the great diversification in their portfolio. B. garcia designs has taken on projects for professional athlete’s not-so-humble abodes, as well the executive board offices of corporate masterminds. Taking on a wide array of projects allows Garcia to develop a versatile perspective on interior design that fits the ever-changing landscape, not to mention a diverse repertoire. And with the firms work mentioned in local and national publications, as well as on HGTV, it’s easy to see that we aren’t the only ones ogling over B. garcia designs.

    “The media coverage has allowed me to create freely in markets I would have never been able to, had I not received such coverage,” Garcia explains.

    “It’s also given me the opportunity to expand my brand to books, speaking engagements, etc. To me design is all encompassing and has always been about lifestyle. So I feel blessed to be able to express my philosophy to a broader audience and through so many mediums. My business is flourishing as a result. In fact I will be creating a permanent home in Montclair with the opening of my new Design studio this coming June.”

    Now, HudsonMOD understands the allure of New Jersey, but what exactly pulled Garcia in and convinced her that this was the most suitable place to plant the new roots of her business?

    “What I love about New Jersey is the many different design styles you can find from home to home. There is not as much variation when you visit other parts of the country, unless you’re in a main city. It’s given me a multi-faceted pallet to pull from. My designs have always been about the client, and so no two are ever the same. In New Jersey I find more of a transitional blend of modern and traditional. We like to be eclectic and mix styles together.“

    By now it has become clear that there is a difference between every other “full service” interior design firm and that of B. garcia designs. Not only does the mastermind behind the firm have an appreciation for modern designs and diverse taste, something the fine residents of New Jersey are known for, but she also believes that each project involves creating a unique tapestry of each clients individual lives. Garcia pulls from the personality of her clients, the atmosphere they live in, the history that surrounds them, and the life experiences that got them to that point. With this kind of individualized attention and tailored vision, results that exceed expectations are guaranteed. In fact, Garcia is bringing those exceptional results to a beloved New Jersey destination at this very moment.

    “I am just adding the finishing touches on a hotel in Diamond Beach by Wildwood called the Hotel Icona Diamond Beach. We open in June and it will be the first of many hotels that I design with Achristavest Properties,” she says.

    “I designed the newly renovated lobby, guest rooms, restaurant, pool deck and bar. The style is mid-century modern meets sea shore. Its history is steeped in 70’s era NJ. Please feel free to visit their website at http://hotelicona.com/beachfront-hotel/gallery/

    Perhaps the greatest evidence of the unmatched creativity behind B. garcia designs can be found on your very own television. Switch to the Travel Channel and you might find Blanche Garcia strolling on the beaches of Newport with hospitality business expert Anthony Lechiorri as they star in the hit show Hotel Impossible. This design powerhouse has used her superior talent to transform even the most abhorrent of hotels into a luxurious destination location. Perhaps she sees in these downtrodden hotels the same charm she saw building churches with her mother as a child. And yet, we don’t think Blanche Garcia or her design firm has shown us all of their cards just yet. We for one, can’t wait to see what’s next.

    Take a look at the gallery below for renderings of Garcia’s designs for Hotel Icona