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    Ivanka Trump: Where Isn’t She?

    • Aug 26, 2013

    • By:Jacqueline Roman

    The days of old when Ivanka Trump was only known as the eye-catching heiress of the Trump fortune are long gone. Long, long gone. This savvy businesswoman has incorporated the intense work ethic that runs deep in her bloodline with her own individual passions, pursuing success in the fashion world and beyond. With the careful development of her own jewelry, footwear, handbag, outerwear and fragrance collections, Ivanka has made herself a bonafide brand around the globe. Sold in high end department stores and available on popular retail websites, the designs by Ivanka are clearly desired by consumers who yearn for the sophisticated fashion the metropolitan woman exudes.

    For the indulgent shoe lover, Ivanka’s line is truly good for the sole. Her galyn patent leather pumps are the perfect combination of sleek and edgy, with a delicate ankle strap that ties the whole look together. In the pursuit of a bit more comfort, the trixie suede ankle boots are the best fit and they also happen to be the greatest integration of urban and country style. With a variety of stunning flats, wedges, sandals and heels, Ivanka’s shoe line has something for everyone and yet still manages to make each pair feel exclusive.

     If anyone understands the necessity of a handbag, it’s the always busy Ivanka Trump. Her totes, satchels, clutches and shoulder bags all fulfill the requirements of practicality and appearance. Whether you have occasion for a more exotic design one day or are more prone to classic taste, her exquisite collection will become a new favorite. Suitable for a sunny afternoon, the coral shopper handbag with a laser cut overlay is sure to start a frenzy over its soft color and intricate detailing. However, if you’re planning a night in the city of lights, the python-print cross body bag with fuchsia accents is the most suitable accessory. And would you believe there are dozens of other designs created for seemingly every occasion under the sun? Well, it is Ivanka Trump after all, so we really shouldn’t be surprised.

    The fashion connoisseur is also making her way into the world of jewelry. What makes her jewelry collection so luxurious is not its use of excessive diamonds, but rather its derailment from the expected idea of dazzling. Ivanka makes use of unique and unconventional stones like pink opal, black onyx, turquoise and moonstone. Incorporating these underrated gems into rings, bracelets and elegant earrings, Ivanka brings out their beauty with the traditional grace of diamonds and gold.

    So the question is, where isn’t Ivanka Trump? She’s infiltrated the world of fashion in a multitude of realms and has even jump-started an eponymous fragrance line. While we wait to see what Ivanka releases—and ultimately excels at—next, we’re plenty satisfied shopping her current collections in the time being.