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    Jay Jeffers: Collected Cool

    • Apr 16, 2014

    • By:Kathy Osborne

    Inside the marquee tower in the heart of Chelsea, an elevator opens onto the second floor where notable guests gather alongside a 17-foot-long white Corian counter for cocktails and appetizers. The sun cuts streams through the floor-length windows making the entire apartment, filled with friends and attendees, radiate a glowing warmth. Also glowing, is apartment owner Jamie Drake, sipping his cocktail and conversing amongst the crowd to support Jay Jeffers, an exclusive and award-winning interior designer who this year partnered up with Alisa Carroll, Editor in Chief of the newly launched SFC&G (San Francisco Cottages and Gardens) magazine for his first publication, Jay Jeffers: Collected Cool published by Rizzoli.

    The east coast celebration was held at Jamie Drake’s select new residence in the heart of the gallery district in New York City. Inside Drake’s 16-foot ceilings and ebullient interior designed apartment overlooking the Hudson, guests, friends and media are in attendance to support the acclaimed interior designer’s new publication with a personal signature from the talented magician himself.

    Drake writes in the forward to Jeffers new book: “The world of design is a magical kingdom, and sometimes one is lucky enough to enter the dream world of a true magician. Jay Jeffers is one of the most talented conjurors I know.” Jeffers is a designer well-known for his creative mix of motivation that draws from art and furnishings in a non-traditional way. His designs mix vintage, antique and modern elements to create a luxurious but livable space from his contemporary vantage.

    Whether you’re looking for a luxurious muse to devise a small part of your own home or perhaps for a source that will allow you to create a space you can feel comfortable but stylish in, Jay Jeffers: Collected Cool will, without-a-doubt, be the endless foundation for all your inspiring needs. Those seeking design objects can stop by Cavalier by Jay Jeffers and the newly-opened Cavalier@COUP, Jay and husband Michael Purdy’s two design stores in San Francisco. Jeffers Design Group has designed a vast amount of luxurious homes, from New York City to San Francisco. One client who was in attendance from the West Coast — Ginger Coy, told me, “Style is also situational and Jeffers understands the dynamics and personality that is his client and is able to portray that in his work.”

    Jay Jeffers Design group launched in 1999 on the west coast and was named by Elle Décor to it’s A-list of the country’s top interior designers in 2011, 2012 and 2013. His work has been featured in show houses, books and publications including Elle Décor, Architectural Digest, Luxe, New York Times, Financial Times and In Style. For more information on Jay Jeffers and his design firm, JDG you can visit www.jeffersdesigngroup.com.

    Credit line: ©Jay Jeffers: Collected Cool by Jay Jeffers with Alisa Carrol; Rizzoli New York, 2014.

    Photo Credit: ©patrickmcmullan.com