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    The Jets’ Taste of the NFL Event

    • Nov 13, 2014

    • By:Nicole Fonzino

    EF3A9647 (800x533)The New York Jets teamed up with fans on Monday, November 10, to tackle hunger at their 11th annual Taste of the NFL event in New York City. Featuring food tastings, a fashion show and an auction, the event raised more than $150,000 in net proceeds, which went to benefit the Food Bank For New York City.

    Located on the 54th floor of the newly opened 4 World Trade Center building (a part of the new World Trade Center complex in Lower Manhattan), the U-shaped room was lit up green to celebrate the New York team and offered guests breathtaking views of New York City’s skyline. The event, sponsored by MasterCard, Saks Fifth Avenue and ESPN New York 98.7, was hosted by Jets’ center Nick Mangold and defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson.

    EF3A9396 (800x533)Throughout the evening, guests were able to sample different food selections from 20 well-known restaurants in the New York Metropolitan area. The food stations, which were set-up on both sides of the room, featured restaurants such as Battello, LAVO, Carlo’s Bakery, TAO, Calandra’s Bakery, Tavern on Jane, Lugo Cucina Italiana, Lure Fishbar and many more. Some food items included pumpkin soup, raw steak, lobster tacos, mac and cheese and meatballs.

    While the food was still being served, guests enjoyed a live fashion show presented by Saks Fifth Avenue. Jets players including Eric Decker, Chris Johnson, Calvin Pryor, Geno Smith and Sheldon Richardson modeled different pieces from Saks’ gentlemen clothing lines. Afterwards, the players sat at designated stations around the room, where guests had the opportunity to take photos and converse with their favorite players.

    EF3A9527 (800x533)During the meet and greet, guests were encouraged to purchase tickets for the Jets’ raffle. On each table where a Jet player sat, guests could enter one of their tickets into a bowl for a chance to win selected prizes including signed helmets from the players, as well as other prizes.

    At the end of the night, each player helped draw names for each raffle prize winner. After the raffle ended, host Nick Mangold helped auction off items to guests. Some auction items included New York Yankee suite tickets, One Direction suite tickets, two tickets to the 2015 Super Bowl in Arizona and dinner with Nick Mangold.


    Check out photos from the event below! 

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