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    Joumana Kidd’s Second Act

    • Mar 26, 2013

    • By:Amanda Thorogood

    Joumana Kidd is many things: Journalist, career woman, survivor, glamour girl. but the attribute that catches most people off guard is the fact that she’s nice. Really nice.

    “People automatically assume I’m a diva,” Kidd says. “They want to film reality shows about me, but come to find out that I’m not the drama queen they were hoping for and then they get bored. being a diva is what sells, but that’s just not me. I’ve heard a certain amount of surprise from a lot of people who actually say to me: ‘I never thought you’d be so nice’.”

    Joumana Kidd is a striking example of unabashed self-awareness.

    Kidd first made waves as the stunning wife of current New York Knicks basketball superstar, Jason Kidd. She was on his arm at every high-profile event and sat courtside watching her man do his thing for the whole world to see. Then, in 2007, her marriage ended and she once again made headlines—but not the kind one hopes for. Gossip and innuendo come with a megawatt union (and subsequent divorce), but Kidd rose above it and came through relatively unscathed.

    Born and raised in California, Kidd has resided in New Jersey for more than a decade. “New Jersey is definitely home to me now,” she says. “It’s the only place that my children know as home. When I would tell people that I lived in Jersey they would be like ‘Do you mean New york?’ No, Jersey. I call New Jersey the hidden secret—and I love the accents.”

    Though she may not have taken on the accent herself just yet, Kidd does possess the strong work ethic and the I-mean-business attitude the Garden State is known for. With a résumé that boasts hosting gigs for Extra and NBA TV, Kidd has confidently held her own among megastars, interviewing the likes of Angelina Jolie, Collin Farrell, Michael Douglas and Reese Witherspoon, as well as reporting from some of world’s biggest events, including 2000’s Sydney Olympics, Grammy awards and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. With a certain amount of ebb and flow in her career over the past decade, Kidd has more recently honed her chops with some local hosting gigs—including the red carpet at HudsonMOD’s launch event last summer. but this is the year she says will be her biggest of her career.

    “My main focus for my career right now is my talk show,” Kidd says. Slated to appear on the NY Network, the show, appropriately titled Wow, focuses on dating, beauty, health and other topics geared toward women. “I have a hands-on role in all aspects of the show—production, topic discussions and guests—and I take a lot of pride in this new project,” she says.

    But even with her hectic schedule as a full-time mom and busy career woman, Kidd still finds time for luxury and enjoys the fruit of her hard work. She says that real luxury is being master of her own domain—and her own impressive closet.

    “Luxury to me is being able to own classic, timeless luxury items—my favorite pair of Gucci boots—and mixing them with some of the other clothes in my closet that allow me to express my own style,” Kidd says. “It’s the luxury of being able to choose exactly what I want to wear and how I want to wear it. I’m not boxed into one type or style, because I have the luxury of being able to afford the fashions that I’m most interested in.”

    Kidd points to Gucci, Valentino, Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana as her favorites. She says she also mixes in pieces from Free People and AllSaints for more casual occasions. Every day isn’t a Gucci pump day—even for her.

    In addition to her wardrobe, Kidd admits that she has a pink custom-made Porsche parked in her garage that she considers one of her most valued possessions. “My daughter picked the color and though I was afraid it would be a Pepto-Bismol pink, it’s a pale pink like Victoria’s Secret’s logo. It’s a totally personal item to me,” she says.

    And it goes without saying that Ms. Kidd travels in style. She says that her most memorable trip was to the south of France. “Saint-Tropez didn’t even seem real to me—it was so gorgeous.”

    For more frequent, family-friendly jaunts, Kidd’s pick is Los Cabos, at the southern tip of Mexico. “My family and I will rent a private house that’s affiliated with One&Only Palmilla. They hook you up with butler service and a great chef that just makes it the perfect vacation. We book the house for a week and then end up extending our stay every time. My family lives for our Cabo vacations.”

    Despite the steady stream of tabloid headlines, Kidd is a lot more New Jersey mom than she is Real Housewife. OK, so she’s an accomplished television correspondent. Sure, she walks the red carpet in to-die-for Valentino gowns. and she gets to drive drool-worthy custom cars. but, behind all of that intense glamour is a woman who’s relatable, kind and giving.

    At HudsonMOD, we’re a tad familiar with luxurious trappings that exude grace and humanity. For that reason alone, Joumana Kidd is a perfect fit for us and, yes, even New Jersey.