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    Kibble Pet Care’s Dog Grooming Brand is Built Upon Love and Care

    • Jul 11, 2017

    • By:Lindsey Heale

    Kibble Pet Care, a cruelty-free, hypoallergenic dog grooming brand, is founded on the love and care pet owners have for their best friends. The brand uses only purified water and organic, natural ingredients, so that dogs bathe without fear of allergic reactions. With purified water, Kibble Pet Care’s products are also free of chlorine and bacteria. Founded and made in the U.S.A., Kibble Pet Care is proud to manufacture safe and healthy grooming products for dogs across the nation.

    Newly introduced is their “Aloe Vera & Honey” line, which features shampoo, conditioner and sprays. There’s also a travel-sized kit, which keeps puppies on the go fresh and smelling clean!


    Kibble Pet Care’s travel-sized kit.

    The Brush-in Shine Waterless Shampoo works with all hair and fur types, and has a refreshing, invigorating scent from the organic jojoba seed oil, organic red raspberry seed oil, organic niaouli oil and organic argan oil used. These oils fuse together to maintain and protect healthy coats. The Silky Coat Grooming Conditioner also works with all hair and fur types, but is made with a variety of different organic oils. Sesame, coconut and argan enhance the natural sheen of a dog’s coat, nourishing and softening the fur.

    There are two distinct sprays available, one to be left in after a bath and the other to demat and prevent further tangles. Both can be used on dogs with long or short hair/fur. With one or two light sprays, dogs will venture out into the world with a lustrous shine.


    Kibble Pet Care’s “Warm Vanilla & Amber” shampoo.

    Kibble Pet Care features a second line as well, entitled “Warm Vanilla & Amber.” Similarly, there is a shampoo, conditioner, two sprays and a travel sized-kit for purchase. For those who prefer a headier fragrance, this line is for you! Just like “Aloe Vera & Honey,” “Warm Vanilla & Amber” keeps fur detangled, healthy and shining in the sun.

    Kibble Pet Care uses recycled plastic for their bottles, so be sure to re-recycle yours! 5% of all proceeds are also sent to various charities and organizations that provide food, shelter and care to underprivileged dogs. Kibble Pet Care wants to see healthy, happy dogs for many years to come, so be an advocate for that mission too.


    To purchase Kibble Pet Care products, visit KibblePet.com