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    Ladurée Debuts the Ultimate Ice Cream Sandwich: Macaron Glacé

    • Aug 23, 2017

    • By:Jane Song

    In observance of National Ice Cream Sandwich Day this year, quintessential French bakery Ladurée, introduced its latest work of culinary and aesthetic perfection: le Macaron Glacé. As if macarons weren’t heavenly enough on their own, Ladurée US decided to substitute the traditional filling with ice cream.  


    The macarons used in the ice cream sandwich appear to be marginally bigger than the double decker macarons typically sold in the shops, indicating that these could be special flavors exclusive to the Macaron Glacé. The Instagram teaser features a rose and chocolate option.

    While the Ladurée Glacé has been available as a cup of ice cream topped by a macaron half, the Macaron Glacé is a different confection entirely. The ice cream sandwich is the fitting visual complement to the original almond meringue cake.

    So far, there has been no word as to whether other international locations or the official Parisian branch will launch the ice cream sandwiches. Lucky for you, this Marie Antoinette-approved sweet can be found at Ladurée’s locations in SoHo and Madison.