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    Layton by Parfums de Marly

    • Sep 7, 2016

    • By:Nicole Fonzino

    logoGentlemen, it’s just as essential to sport a signature cologne as it is an immaculate timepiece. For a scent that is bold and memorable, spritz on Parfums de Marly’s new signature fragrance Layton, a new addition to the many coveted scents created by the Parisian-based company.

    “During the XVIIIth century, horses and perfumes were the pride and glory of the nation,” says Julien Sprecher, connoisseur and creator of Parfums de Marly. “Perfume is a time capsule. It has the power to take us on a journey. I have always loved this 18th century, where horses and perfumes were the pride and glory of France.”


    layton_380x380_at_300_1Layton pays homage to one of the famed Marly horses, as all of Parfums de Marly’s product names reflect esteemed stallions. Layton blends together a variety of notes to achieve its signature scent. Top notes include bergamot, mandarin, apple and lavender, while base notes include guaiac wood, patchouli, sandalwood, cardamom, vanilla and pepper; but, Parfums de Marly chose Layton’s heart notes to add a fresh lightness to it. There is also a hint of coffee notes mixed in to really bring out the richness of the base notes too. These carefully curated notes create a lasting aroma that will have people asking, “What are you wearing?” throughout the day.

    Because of it’s lighter heart notes, Layton is deemed by Parums de Marly as a unisex scent, as it can be worn by women who prefer deeper fragrances.

    As if the scent alone wasn’t enough, Layton is stored in a mesmerizing matte blue bottle etched with the Parfum de Marly logo for a standout piece wherever you choose to place it. Layton is currently available in 125 and 75 ml and can be purchased at the Parfums de Marly New York location, www.parfumerienasreen.com and other high-end retail stores. You can purchase Layton at Nordstrom locations beginning next month. Retail price, $290.

    To learn more about Parfums de Marly and some of the brand’s other signature scents, please click here.


    Images via PMarly.com.