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    Le Metier De Beaute

    • Apr 20, 2016

    • By:Nicole Fonzino

    Beautiful skin is one of the key ingredients to having a great day. If your skin is in check, it just seems everything else like your wardrobe, hair and attitude fall into place. But with countless skincare regiments on the shelves, it’s hard to narrow down which one will help your skin improve exponentially. More recently, people have gravitated towards products that incorporate natural ingredients to stray away from the harsh stripping chemical products cause. Le Metier De Beaute skincare line has released two new products that contain natural ingredients to help your skin looking bright: the Replenishing Oil Cleanser and the Daily Refresh Cleaner. Keep reading to see the natural benefits of each of these products.


    27fb9d21-286a-4d25-bd17-4dbc3fcfb17bThe Replenishing Oil Cleanser

    Some people might hear the word “oil” and go running for the hills. Why would anyone voluntarily pour oil onto his or her face? While many people fear the oil will clog their pores and cause more damaging effects than good ones, incorporating oils into your skincare routine is beneficial for the overall look and feel of your skin. Le M?tier De Beaut?’s Replenishing Oil Cleanser has jojoba, coconut, olive and sunflower oils in it, which will leave the skin fully moisturized after use. According to the company, the Replenishing Oil Cleanser “will remove impurities, residual makeup and excess oil.” You will also find Vitamin E (a skincare MUST have) and Rosemary Extract on the ingredient list. If these beneficial ingredients aren’t enough to have you wanting to test this cleanser out, it’s also paraben and alcohol free.


    aa0719e7-701e-4d56-9194-3e485391b835The Daily Refresh Cleanser

    Exfoliating the skin is necessary for removal of dead skin cells and other dirt that sits on the face’s surface. However, over-exfoliating or using too harsh of an exfoliant can be detrimental and strip the natural oils your skin produces. Finding a gentle exfoliant that you can use everyday or more than once a week will benefit your overall skincare health in a tremendous way. Try the Daily Refresh Cleanser for this specific reason: it’s gentle enough for everyday use and it will get the job done. The Refresh Cleanser contains a variety of useful vitamins including A, C and E, which all have healing effects on the skin including reducing wrinkles and lines, repairing collagen and calming benefits. The cleanser also incorporates Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract that “enhances antioxidant activity while stimulating microcirculation and oxygenation of the skin” and Natural Tangerine and Orange Peel Oil that induces a “sensorial pleasure.”


    Both of these products can be bought at Neiman Marcus storefronts or online at NeimanMarcus.com. The Replenishing Oil Cleanser values at $85 for 4 oz. and the Daily Refresh Cleaner values at $50 for 6 oz.


    Feature Image via Le Metier de Beaute’s Facebook.