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    Le Storie Veneziane by Valmont

    • Apr 24, 2018

    • By:Nicole Fonzino


    The essence of Venice, one of Italy’s most coveted cities, has officially been bottled up for everyday use. Expertly crafted by the luxury brand Valmont’s owners Sophie and Didier Guillon, the perfume collection Le Storie Veneziane features five tantalizing fragrances that will instantly transport wearers to the City of Canals.
    The five scents (Verde Erba, Alessandrite, Rosso, Gaggia Medio and Blu Cobalto) are all inspired by a section within the magical city. Each possess a unique blend of ingredients to authentically preserve the aromas of each location. To remind users of Venice even further, Valmont has bottled each fragrance in a stunning decanter that is unlike any other.
    The decanters feature an African mask, handblown from Murano glass – another Venice staple. The design of these stunning bottles was created by Didier and then crafted by Venice’s very own master glassmaker Leonardo Cimonlin. With standout colors of red, pink, green, purple and orange, the Le Storie Veneziane collection is more than just perfume, it is truly a work of art.

    Verde Erba: Inspired by the Venetian neighborhood Pontile Sant’Elena, Verde Erba I pulls its inspiration from the dawn of a new day. Verde Erba I is crafted using syringa, papyrus and vanilla absolute. Together, these ingredients create a light, airy scent that exudes freshness.
    Alessandrite: Alessandrite I is comprised of bergamot, jasmine absolute and aldehydes notes. This floral-based scent pays homage to Venice’s L’Arsenale neighborhood. According to the brand, L’Arsenale is the city’s section that combines both past and present. The combination of these three ingredients leave wearers with an aroma that is both modern and timeless.
    Rosso: “Strength, splendor and opulence” are all words that Valmont uses to describe the collection’s Rosso I scent. Inspired by San Francesco Della Vigna, one of Venice’s sacred churches, Rosso I utilizes the essence of pink berries, damask rose and oud to achieve its signature scent. When all three ingredients come together as one, it leaves a lingering fragrance that revitalizes the senses.

    Gaggia Medio: Art is a large aspect of Venice, so its’ only natural that Valmont would pay homage to the neighborhood, Dorsoduro — one of the most artful areas in Venice. Notes of cardamom, sandalwood and amber create a warm-toned fragrance, perfectly mirroring the neighborhood’s inviting and mesmerizing alleyways filled with artisan pieces.
    Blu Cobalto: A splendid piazza, luxury shops and baroque architecture are all key aspects of Venice’s Campo San Moisè neighborhood. Pulling inspiration from all three, Valmont fashions its dedicated scent with notes of patchouli, cocoa extract and opoponax absolute. The scent is just as captivating as is grandeur neighborhood counterpart.
    The entire collection of Valmont’s Le Storie Veneziane will launch exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue’s NYC location on May 10, where it will be available for purchase through August. Afterwards, the vibrant collection will be available at New York’s SPA Valmont at Hotel Plaza Athenee and Los Angeles’ Hotel Bel-Air Spa in September.
    Each bottle retails for $420 (100ml) and $210 for a travel-sized bottle (8.5ml). To stay abreast of the launch, visit www.valmontcosmetics.com for more information.
    Images via Valmont