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    Limited-Edition Anniversary Sunglasses by Porsche Design

    • Apr 8, 2018

    • By:Nicole Fonzino


    The notable lifestyle brand, Porsche Design, is celebrating a momentous 40-year milestone of its P’8478 sunglasses. The glasses, which were first developed in 1978 by Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, have grown to become an icon of the brand throughout the years. Now four decades later, Porsche Design is launching a limited-edition version of the P’8478 sunglasses to commemorate the anniversary.
    The limited-edition glasses aptly called “40Y” comes exceptionally packaged in a travel box, which securely holds everything in place when you’re bringing them on the go. With a matte-black titanium frame, the lenses on these limited-edition glasses can be swapped in and out. The travel box comes with four interchangeable lenses in various colors such as blue gradient, brown, olive/silver mirrored and mercury/silver mirrored. To add a finishing touch to the pair, the nose-bridge is highlighted in gold, giving the glasses a modern look and feel.

    “The P’8478 sunglasses, with replaceable lens, stand for absolute style and elegant design, coupled with functionality,” says the brand in a press release. “It is a design icon, recognized worldwide for its uniqueness. With its unmistakeable lens shape, characteristic nose bridge and revolutionary lens changing mechanism, the P’8478 is one of the few sunglasses unchanged for 40 years. The P’8478 was adapted to the technical level of the 21st century using ultralight titanium. Moreover, after more then 9 million units sold to date, their longevity and versatility have been proven.”
    The “40Y” sunglasses will come in two varying sizes to better suit the preferences of each Porsche Design customer. Each size will be limited to 1,978 pairs, both retailing for $935.
    The limited-edition “40Y” sunglasses will hit the market mid-April and are available for purchase online at www.Porsche-Design.us or in stores.
    Images via Porsche Design