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    Living In Luxury At 77 Hudson

    • Oct 11, 2012

    • By:Claire Easton

    It’s not firsthand news that over the last few years Jersey City has been getting the gentrification upgrade that it deserves. In many ways it’s the same luxurious polish and influx of businesses and residencies that have made Brooklyn and Hoboken the trendiest destinations for anyone looking for urban adventure and decadence outside of the Manhattan grid. It is the appearance of 77 Hudson on the horizon, however, that has eliminated any doubts that were lingering in our minds: Jersey City is one of the Metropolitan area’s hottest locations.

    For those who aren’t too familiar yet, 77 Hudson is Jersey City’s latest luxury housing vision that encompasses striking exterior and lavish living options, all surrounded by a resplendent view of the Manhattan skyline. The rooftop bar and fire pit, yoga studio, golf simulators, massage room, and outdoor hot tub and pool deck are just a few of 77 Hudson’s amenities that will make your jaw drop and have you questioning whether you’ve suddenly arrived at a five-star resort or are, in fact, at your own condo.

    “At 48 stories, this dramatic glass tower soars to the heavens, completely redefining the experience of urban life,” says Scott Waldman, 77 Hudson’s broker. “It begins with a building that is an objet d’art, continues through impeccably appointed residences and extends to an array of indulgent amenities catering to all that life demands.”

    With plenty of transportation options within walking distance to get you across the Hudson in a Manhattan minute—not to mention an array of local bistros, shops, restaurants and bars nearby—there’s no question that 77 Hudson is in the prime location. “Its an iconic building with iconic views” Waldman says.