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    London’s Dorchester Hotel

    • Aug 7, 2012

    • By:Gabriela Riccardi

    Like many who have been glued to the TV or streaming the live feed, we can’t help but be wrapped up in all of the buzz surrounding the Olympics in London. Though still coping with the fact that we can’t be there for the action, we have already begun planning our perfect trip across the Atlantic to ease the pain. First item on the preplanning list: booking the perfect hotel. After all, you need the best place to catch up on beauty sleep after days spent visiting historical castles, having afternoon tea and shopping with Kate Middleton—okay, maybe not that last one.

    The obvious option seems to be The Dorchester, a hallmark of London luxury that is no stranger to important guests. Over the years, people of distinction including Marlene Dietrich, Walt Disney, Elizabeth Taylor, Alfred Hitchcock, Judy Garland, Clint Eastwood, and Dr. Nelson Mandela have stayed in one of Dorchester’s magnificent rooms. These names are testament to the elegance of one of the finest hotels in a renowned city.

    Boasting a supreme location in Mayfair and overlooking Hyde Park, the Dorchester is a pop culture icon of refinement. The hotel boasts a number of luxury and roof suites for guests, three extraordinary five-star restaurants, perfectly landscaped terraces and a splendid spa that should be added to any vacation itinerary.

    The spa received a £3.2 million makeover in 2009, and the results are stunning. Follow the darkened entranceway into the extensive space, which contains nine treatment rooms. All exuding glamour and elegance, the rooms range in style. Some are bathed in cool whites and yellows, which soothe and relax. Others, like the relaxation room, are flush with deep modern blues and sleek black furniture, inviting guests to close their eyes and escape. Details such as double suites, soundproofing, heated treatment beds and freestanding furniture specially designed for the spa perfect the leisure experience. The spa also has a manicure/pedicure suite, a  a fitness studio and a hair salon and barbershop,. When compounded with its exemplary facilities and service, the Dorchester is a stay worthy of royalty…and you.