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    Louis XIII Le Salmanazar

    • Feb 18, 2018

    • By:Nicole Fonzino

    le-salmanazar-1d480427Louis XIII has outdone itself yet again. The prestigious cognac brand has collaborated with an esteemed company we all know and love, Baccarat, to develop an extraordinary one-of-a-kind commodity: Louis XIII Le Salmanazar. 

    This show-stopping decanter is holds nine liters and was fashioned from more than 15 kilos of crystal. Striking and alluring, those who see the Louis XIII Le Salmanazar decanter will instantly be drawn towards its beauty. 

    According to Louis XIII, Le Salmanazar is the “largest crystal decanter” in the world, making it a must-see for those who are a fan of the brand. 

    The decanter went through rigorous, time-consuming steps to create its shape and mold before the liquid gold could be bottled up inside of it. Including steps like blowing and cutting the crystal, Baccarat artisans worked diligently to ensure their final product was nothing less than fabulous. More than 20 Baccarat craftsmen worked to complete Le Salmanazar.

    le-salmanazar-16d00335“From the blaze of a furnace to the calm atelier, the dentelles and the fleur-de-lys stopper were molded by the master crystal artists, the medallion delicately curved to espouse the unique shape of the decanter. Each movement is exquisitely choreographed and executed to reach the pinnacle of crystal-making art,” reads the Louis XIII’s website. 

    While the exterior is mesmerizing, the cognac that lies inside is equally extraordinary as well. Perfectly crafted by Louis XIII Cellar Masters, the cognac will delight any connoisseurs tastebuds. 

    Le Salmanazar’s chest comes with 8 crystal glasses, a serving platter and a designed spear. Le Salmanazar is currently on display at Louis XIII Boutique in Beijing SKP. For more information on the exquisite decanter, visit louisxiii-cognac.com. 

    See Le Salmanazar come to life in this video below:

    Images + video via louisxiii-cognac.com