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    Luxe Gifts for the Discerning Man

    • Jun 13, 2014

    • By:Jacqueline Klecak

    In need of some last-minute, Father’s Day ideas? Check out these five gift-savers. Why will your dad really thank you this year? Because he’s finally getting the gift he wants– a gift that’s tailored specifically for the man who lives the life of leisure, even after his day.

    Bovet Amadeo 7-day Skeleton Tourbillon (1)Bovet Fleurier Amadeo 7-day Skeleton Tourbillon Watch

    Fit for royalty with its intricate, Corinthian floral design only the man, rather king, of the house could majestically don this watch, which goes far beyond telling time. The perfect balance of simple and elaborate décor, this double-faced timepiece has a dual-personality. Your father has a powerful decision to make: the more modest or ostentatious side. Whether he’s preparing for an important meeting with a business client or enjoying lunch with his family this wrist- and pocket-watch combo, acting as a modern version of a crown, will project his aura of superiority.

    Available at Watches By SJX, $250,000





    Nat Sherman Timeless Churchill, Nat Sherman Sterling Corona Gorda, & S.T. Dupont LighterHudsonModNatSherman1

    After a hectic workday your father likes to relax, reflect, and perhaps indulge in a Dominican delicacy. Securing a cigar between his fingers he takes the first puff of a Nat Sherman and sends his worries into the air. A Nat Sherman cigar will take your father’s palate on a journey of many flavors and leave him a in a state of bliss—at least until the Nat Sherman experience is over. Along with the subtly spicy Nat Sherman  Timeless Churchill or the citrus-infused Nat Sherman Sterling Corona Gorda, give your dad a cigar accessory, such as the S.T. Dupont Gatsby Stripe lighter, to preserve the exquisite taste of the cigar and complete this blissful tobacco experience.

    Available at Nat Sherman. Timeless Churchill, box of 20, $173; Sterling Corona Gorda, box of 25, $426; S.T. Dupont lighter, $608-680




    Bowmore Single Malt 25 Years Old Fathers are a lot like single malt whiskey. They embody the meaning of whiskey—the water of life—by bringing their energy and soul to those around them. There are as many types of this grain-derived alcohol as there are roles your father plays in his life. Most importantly, fathers are aged to perfection just as an exquisite whiskey is that has been maturing in the Bowmore No. 1 Vault on the Scottish Island of Islay. With a sweet taste derived from the hazelnut and fruit flavors and, of course, the signature smokiness from the peat-kiln, the Bowmore 25 Years Old is the finest of its kind, just like your father.

    Available at Bowmore, $200





    A&K African Safari Ahh, the luxuries of traveling: exploring a new culture and creating an unforgettable experience. Perhaps traveling to Africa can tick off all the requirements of a fulfilling journey. With the A&K Kenya Safari in Style dad and the whole family can go on an escapade filled with commendable cuisine, breathtaking wildlife, and much-needed relaxation. On this ten-day trip discover what we’ve known all along to be the true meaning of luxury…happiness.

    Abercrombie & Kent, $7,995


    Casamigos Blanco 750ml


    Need to whip up something on the day of? While mom’s swooning over a debonair George Clooney, his tequila company, Casamigos, will have your father thinking twice about the handsome actor and ambassador. The smooth, unique flavors of the Reposado and Blanco, that’ll last long after the Father’s Day leftovers, is a result of an 80-hour fermenting process, compared to the average 48.

    Check out these three, easy-to-make cocktail recipes with Casamigos Ultra-Premium Tequila, $45.


    Watermelon Mint Margarita
    Tall glass muddle with mint
    1 1/2 oz. Casamigos Reposado Tequila
    4 oz. Muddles Watermelon
    6-7 Mint Leafs 1/2 oz.
    Simple Syrup 3/4 oz.
    Fresh Lime Juice
    Method: Muddle mint and watermelon, add remaining ingredients, shake, fine strain over fresh ice.
    Garnish: Mint sprig and lime.

    Mi Casa
    1 1/2 oz. Casamigos Blanco Tequila
    1 oz. Fresh lime juice
    1/4 oz. Fresh orange juice
    1/2 oz. Agave nectar
    Method: Shake ingredients with ice then strain and serve on the rocks.
    Garnish: Orange wedge

    Spicy Cucumber Jalapeño Margarita
    1 1/2 oz. Casamigos Blanco Tequila
    1/3 oz. Cointreau
    1/3 oz. simple syrup
    3/4 oz. Fresh Lime Juice
    3 wheels cucumber 1 slice jalapeño
    Method: Muddle cucumber, jalapeño, lime juice, and simple. Combine all ingredients to iced mixing glass. Shake vigorously for 10 count. Fine strain all contents into a rocks glass with or without salted rim.
    Garnish: cucumber and jalapeño slice.