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    Luxe Is In The Aires

    • Feb 8, 2013

    • By:Amanda Mcelroy

    Ready for a pop of color to bring some life to your transitional wardrobe? Spring arrives a bit early this year—yet just in time for Valentine’s Day—with the Blue Paraiba Tourmaline Ring, part of the stunning collection at Aires Jewelers.

    Like the jewelers who created this fine finger piece, the Paraiba Tourmaline stone retains an exquisitely rich history. Both made their brilliant debut in 1989: The stone in Paraiba, Brazil, where it was first discovered and Aires Jewelers’ move to its current Morris Plains location.

    A fairly new addition to the globe’s precious gemstone collection, the Paraiba Tourmaline is hailed as one of the most rare, most sought after gems. It’s neon glow results from the scant amounts of copper contained in the stone. Naturally, the Paraiba is not easy to come by. In fact, the difficult task of mining the gem is a major contributor to its exclusivity.

    To further accentuate its main attraction, Aires master jewelers have adorned the stone with yellow and white diamonds to complement its rich aqua glimmer. For gem lovers, the history of the Paraiba Tourmaline is secondary to the joy of owning this beautiful gemstone. This exquisite piece of fine jewelry is not only trend setting, but trend defining.