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    Luxury On The Move With Pour And Pedal

    • May 15, 2013

    • By:Jacqueline Roman

    Would you like to take part in a daylong escapade full of scenic cycling, fine wine tasting and gourmet sampling? Believe it or not, the uncanny combination of these three events actually exists. The idea belongs to the one-of-a-kind company Pour & Pedal, which takes vino enthusiasts and exercise proponents on a journey through some of the most stunning landscapes and exclusive vineyards New Jersey has to offer.

    “Our concept originated with our own passion for cycling and wine, but found it cumbersome to transport bikes, schedule tasting and tour appointments at often busy wineries, find a restaurant close by, and so on.  Owners Jason & Jenny Cohen and Lou & Christina DeMartino quickly realized that many others shared this feeling, and decided to put together a high-quality experience at an affordable price where our clients simply just need to show up and everything else is taken care of,” explains Lou DeMartino.

    With all equipment, refreshments, gourmet food, tour and tasting fees provided, there really is nothing left for the guests to do other than show up ready to have a great time. After arriving at one of the three departing locations, guests can be confident in the capabilities of the comprehensive and conscientious Pour & Pedal staff. Tour guides will lead you over rolling hills and along charming tree-lined paths to the first winery, but don’t be surprised by a spontaneous stop at a local farm for unbelievably fresh produce or an impromptu trivia game on the local history.

    “On top of that, through our extensive partnerships with our featured wineries of Laurita Winery, Creamridge Winery, Old York Cellars and Unionville Vineyards, we are able to offer our guests exclusive features that they would only be able to experience on our tour. Depending on the location these may include bike rides through the vineyard, meet-and-greets with the owners or fully private tours where the winery is closed just for our guests,” he says.

    Pour & Pedal not only cultivates each tour group into a bunch of seasoned wine connoisseurs, but also satiates their desire to become gourmet food aficionados. At the last stop on the tour, guests will indulge in a classic vineyard picnic. Surely, there is no better way to dine than amongst the vast rolling hills and tranquil scenery of a gorgeous vineyard, especially after you’ve climbed those very same hills on a bike. If there is a more luxurious and entertaining work out than the one that Pour & Pedal provides, HudsonMOD has yet to discover it.

    Perhaps the only danger of a Pour & Pedal excursion is that it will be such an enjoyable experience that you’ll want to sign up again on the spot. The owners of Pour & Pedal make this especially tempting by providing guests with the option of personalizing each visit.

    “We offer group packages for bachelorette parties, corporate events, birthday parties or any special event which we can customize to meet our clients’ needs.”

    With new friends and new experiences, you can fall in love with the bountiful landscape, breathtaking scenery and sumptuous flavors of New Jersey all over again.

    “New Jersey is a great location for our tours since it offers a combination of scenic cycling paths and wonderful wineries,” DeMartino says.

    So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to Pour & Pedal.