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    Master & Dynamic Collaborates with Bamford Watch Department

    • Jun 9, 2017

    • By:Nicole Fonzino

    headphonesEarlier this week, Master & Dynamic, the premier New York City-based audio brand, unveiled its newest collaboration to the public. The limited edition headphones made in collaboration with the luxury watch company Bamford Watch Department are a must-have addition to anybody’s gadget collection.

    The remastered MW60 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones offer users the newest forms of technology such as wireless capabilities, as well as an aesthetically pleasing appearance, making the headphones double as an edgy fashionable accessory.

    “Ever since I was a child, I’ve valued the time, effort and skill that goes into the creation of high-end watches,” says Jonathan Levine, CEO and Founder of Master & Dynamic, who’s also an avid collector. “Today, I am proud to say that Master & Dynamic is officially part of that process.”

    The headphones are fashioned with black Saffiano leather and black lambskin ear pads, boasting a sleek look. To top off the collaboration and add a pop of color, the headphones’ headband are made with aqua blue lambskin, the signature color of Bamford watches.


    mw60-life2When purchased, users will not only receive the luxe headphones, but will also receive a number of additional materials to make each users’ experience top-of-the-line. Inside each box is 1.25m standard cable in case users don’t want to use the pair wirelessly, a micro USB charging cable, a 3.5/6.3mm gold-plated adapter, a leather cable box, and a canvas cord case and headphone pouch to keep your headphones and accessories pristine at all times.

    The luxury headphones, which retail for $549, are now available for purchase online, in select stores and in NYC at Dover Street Market. For more information about Master & Dynamic or Bamford Watch Department, please visit www.masterdynamic.com or www.bamfordwatchdepartment.com.


    Photos via Master & Dynamic