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    Mercedes In Your Living Room

    • Jul 28, 2012

    • By:Gabriela Riccardi

    You may want to apply the brakes and take a seat for this one–Mercedes-Benz is venturing beyond the automobile industry to create a line of luxury furniture. Having teamed up with Italian designer Formitalia, the company is breaking in to the domestic sphere with a collection that includes dining tables, chairs, sofas, shelving and more. The line has already created a lot of buzz, receiving the green light from critics and consumers alike.

    At first glance the furniture seems to imitate motion and movement, effortlessly suggestive of the sleek automobiles from which Mercedes-Benz bases its design philosophy. Each piece of the collection is wrapped in elegant curves. Zagging fluidly around the edges of a chair or down the leg of a table, they attract the eye to travel along the pieces as if one were navigating the bends in a Benz convertible.

    The collection, too, is gleaming, shiny and glossy, much like the sleek exteriors of the iconic vehicle. And the color palette of the collection varies along a monochromatic scale–from gunmetal to charcoal to jet black—similar to both the machinery and exterior of the classic vehicles and easily transitional into a contemporary home. The effect is a modern reimagining of a consumer classic, and a change in how one can enjoy the luxury of the label: A transition of the Mercedes-Benz brand from the driveway to the living room. We’re all in.