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    Merci, Mer-Sea!

    • Sep 18, 2017

    • By:Nicole Fonzino

    LCC-AFThere’s a reason why the ocean creates a sense of calm in most people. Perhaps it’s the serenity of the tide ebbing and flowing or the cooling breezes that sweep off the tides or it may be the scent of the salty air. There’s one company bottling up those sensual notions and creating fabulous candles, soaps and lotions with them… Mer-Sea. 

    The Kansas City-based company’s founders fell in love with the way the ocean made them feel, and they strived to bring that sense to everyone… even if they don’t live in the vicinity of the sea. And they’ve succeeded. 

    Mer-Sea’s products are not only aromatic, but they are packaged beautifully. Candles are poured into colored-glass jars or stark white votives, while body scrubs come packaged in ceramic jars with wooden scoopers. All colors that emerge from Mer-Sea relate back to the ocean, whether it’s the blue hues of the water or the pink coloring of the sky. 

    IMG_0051_2000x2000The brand’s newest collection, LUXE, appeals to the discerning traveler. According to the company, each piece is “beautiful and functional.” Items in the collection are fashioned with “leather elements, metallic splashes and natural stone pieces,” which add an upscale feel to any home. Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself.

    Amber Fumée Cowhair Candle

    Jarred in a stone white votive, the Amber Fumée Cowhair Candle puts an elegant spin to candles with its extraordinary cowhide handle. Silver metallic mixes with beige to create a subtle, yet stunning additive, elevating this candle’s aesthetic to new levels. What’s on the inside is even better. The Amber Fumée fragrance blends lime and Egyptian jasmine together to create a crisp scent that will have you longing to light it time and time again. The Cowhair Candle comes in two additional scents of Aquilaria and Mystique, both equally as captivating as the next. $45

    LQC-MYS_42976cb8-c1c3-42bb-858d-760851da784fMystique Quartz Boxed Candle

    The brand’s Mystique candle is just that… full of mystique. Its charming scent of light rain mixes seamlessly with lemon, green floral and musk to generate a fragrance unlike any other. It’s not too strong and not too subtle, just the right amount of fragrance to leave a lingering and enchanting scent in your home. The perfumed mixture is poured into a light-pink votive, and Mer-Sea has added a luxe touch to it: a quartz coaster. When the Mystique candle is placed on top of the coaster, it’s light pink exterior and rose-gold edges makes the jar pop even more and adds the final touch to an already lovely display piece. $55  

    Why the name Mer-Sea, you ask? The owners explain on the website that “Mer means ‘sea’ in French and together phonetically they sound exactly as we feel—thankful.” And we are too. To see more items in the Luxe Collection, visit www.mersea.com/collections/luxe-collection. 

    Images via MerSea.com