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    Michelangelo’s Picturesque Tuscan Home For Sale

    • Feb 26, 2016

    • By:Nicole Fonzino

    DSN_5325How would you like to live like Michelangelo every day of your life? Sounds colorful, doesn’t it? If you appreciate the arts, especially Renaissance works, you may want to take a seat because Handsome Properties International currently has Michelangelo’s picturesque Tuscan property for sale. Yes, you read that correctly. You can now purchase the famed artist’s Italian home, but it will cost you—a cool $8,261,732 to be exact.

    The Tuscan villa, which lies between Florence and Sienna, has undoubtedly collected history throughout the years, especially since one of the Renaissance’s most notable artists took up residence there. However, what makes this three-floor villa extra special is that it was kept in Michelangelo’s family for centuries after his passing.

    DSN_5254According to Handsome Properties International’s website, “In 1549, he [Michelangelo] purchased the property and it remained in the Buonarroti family until 1867. The current owner has restored the property to accurately tell the rich historical account of this property and he currently holds the original documents and deed to the home.”

    The villa boasts an authentic Tuscan feel through its architecture such as stone walls and fireplaces, wooden floors and beamed ceilings, which are typical features of a Tuscan home. There are eight bedrooms and seven bathrooms and the property spans over 12,000-square-feet. Besides being surrounded by Chianti, one of Italy’s most famous wineries, Michelangelo’s home has its own olive and lemon grove and gives owners a spectacular view of the Tuscan scenery.

    DSN_5342While Michelangelo’s paintings are publicly displayed in museums and churches around the world, this is a chance for a new homeowner to own a piece of his legacy. To learn more about Villa Michelangelo or to inquire about the home, please visit: www.handsomepropertiesinternational.com/listing/cms/villa-michelangelo.


    Images via Handsome Properties International’s Website