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    63rd Annual Miss Universe Pageant Crown

    • Jan 7, 2016

    • By:Sara Brisolla

    Annually, the Miss Universe pageant takes place and a new Miss Universe is decorated with a crown and sash from their respective country.  The beautiful Miss Universe crown from Diamonds International Corporation (D.I.C.), the pageant’s official crown sponsor, symbolizes the beauty, strength and power of women.


    During the titleholder’s reign, they reside in New York City and are prepped for a media tour where they are expected to make media appearances, travel and raise awareness and funds for their chosen causes.  Whichever country the titleholder steps foot in, she must respect and appreciate that culture and be aware of the basic greetings, customs and beliefs.  They are also held responsible for they way they represent the title and ensure that they always act accordingly whether it be gait, facial expressions, etc.



    This stunning crown features 33 colorless Bohemian crystals, 5 large blue topaz stones, 198 dark blue sapphire stones, 311 small polished diamonds and an 18-karat white gold strip.  It also holds an estimated value of $300,000 and weighs a little under 1 pound.  Its design was inspired by the skyline of New York City, which is home to the Miss Universe Organization, and various other crowns throughout history.  Worn by the world’s most beautiful women, a tiara has been a symbol of Miss Universe since 1952 and continues to inspire women all around the world.

    To learn more, please visit http://www.missuniverse.com

    Images courtesy of missuniverse.com, cosmopolitan.com, diversitynewsmagazine.com