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    Multiple Time Zone Watches

    • Feb 20, 2014

    • By:Simon Murray

    For the globetrotter, the businessman on the go, the world-traveler — for someone passionate about the way they keep track of time, there is no greater instrument than multiple time zone watches: world-time watches and dual time watches.

    What’s the difference you may wonder? Simple. A timepiece with a world-time function shows the current time, while also illuminating the rest of the world broken up into 24 hours. Typically, these watches manage this feat by providing a rotating dial with international cities that represent one “slice”, or division, of the world’s 24 hour time zones.

    Dual time zone watches (also referred to as GMT watches, for Greenwhich Mean Time, the standard for air navigation) add another useful component. Usually a dual time zone watch will have a sub-dial that keeps track of a separate hour and minute hand to keep track of time in another time zone entirely. The best timepieces will have both a dual time zone and world time, as their worth lies in the difference of application. Need to know what time is best when scheduling a multi-international conference call? A world time watch is your best bet. Overseas and wondering what time your office closes? The dual time function might be more accessible at a moment’s notice. Below are timepieces that seamlessly blend one or both functions — with added alarms and chronographs — into a highly functioning mechanism. Don’t leave home without one.


    Zenith Pilot Doublematic

    A tribute to the Zenith pilot history, the Doublematic features a a large date sub-dial, alarm hour hand in the center and 24 hour time zones.


    Ulysse Nardin Sonata Streamline

    When your mobile phone just isn’t enough, the Sonata Streamline features an alarm with a “cathedral gong” as well as a dual time system with instant time zone adjustor for the man constantly on the go.

    Bovet Rising Star

    Try and ignore its stunning beauty for a second. The Rising Star from the House of Bovet is more than just a beauty; its got brains, too. A second and third time zone dial compliments a world-time zone function.

    Girard-Perregaux Traveller WW.TC

    Arrayed around an inner globe of the face, the World-Wide Time Control features a world-time indicator with a chronograph and date.