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    Nat Sherman’s 42nd Street Townhouse Store

    • Aug 1, 2014

    • By:Emma Clarke

    Our June/July issue features recommended whiskey and cigar pairings by Michael Herklots, Vice President of Retail and Brand Development for Nat Sherman International.

    With sixteen years in retail tobacco and a Master Tobacconist certification, Herklots has seen it all. But we imagine that nothing could be more memorable than one iconic retail location he currently oversees: the Nat Sherman flagship store on 42nd Street in Manhattan.

    The store is actually a 5,700 square foot, three-level townhouse that embodies the old-world spirit of Nat Sherman International. Renowned Hollywood and Broadway set designer Charles McCarry modeled the townhouse after Henry Higgins’ library in “My Fair Lady.” The space features soaring 30-foot ceilings and a permitter balcony around which cigar boxes are stacked on shelves like books. Inside one can also find the Johnson Club, a private smoking lounge named for Nat Sherman matriarch Lautia “Johnson” Sherman, and a climate-controlled humidor room where clients can store their cigars in private lockers.

    In the heart of bustling Midtown Manhattan, the townhouse stands as a modern pillar of an old-world spirit: Slow down, relax, and enjoy the best of what this life can offer.


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