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    Natura Bisse

    • Apr 17, 2014

    • By:Ty Sawyer

    I have to admit. I’m the kind of man that doesn’t mind indulging in a facial every now and then. Especially with my lifestyle, which includes too much wine and work, and not enough sleep, all of which tends to take its toll. But, in the world of facials, Natura Bisse has taken this already indulgent world and elevated the experience by giving the facials in an oxygen tent. Pure oxygen is a cellular catalyst (among its other great benefits) so getting a facial in this environment makes one feel exceptionally pampered. I went to the Barney’s in Manhattan and was quickly delivered to a private, spa-like beauty sanctuary. The tent was a clear bubble and my esthetician went quickly to work. I went through the serums, toning, masks and peels, and got to my favorite, the Inhibit-Tensolift, a bio-emulsion which did a herculean job of diminishing my wrinkles, what the esthetician termed a natural alternative to botox. Looking in the mirror, I’m sold (and, what I’ve read since leads me to believe this is a much better option than the needle). I both looked and felt 10-years younger when I was done. It has been the most impressive facial I’ve gotten and I loved the almost magical results. One thing is for sure: I have discovered in this process, the elixir I need to beat back the less than optimal aspects of my editor lifestyle, so that, perhaps, I can even grow old gracefully.

    To book a facial, contact the Natura Bisse department at Barney’s in NYC.

    Natura Bisse: Barneys.com/NaturaBisse