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    Natural and Revitalizing: Wei Beauty Brings Balance to Your Skin Care Needs

    • Jul 14, 2017

    • By:Lindsey Heale

    Wei Beauty encompasses the virtues behind their tagline “Where there is balance, there is beauty,” bringing tenderness and invigoration to customers through their many products. Deep-seated in Chinese history and holistic medicine, founder Wei Brian ensures that her face masks, moisturizers, cleansers and more begin with hand-picked herbs from the Yu Lan Forest and Chinese mountainside. The fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are also rooted within Wei Beauty, the fluidity and holistic balance of yin and yang carefully crafted with each ingredient.


    Wei Beauty’s “Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask”

    To get an idea of Wei Beauty’s commitment to health and beauty, delve into their collection. For instance, there’s the Chinese Rose Foaming Cleanser. This cleanser removes makeup and dirt from the day, leaving behind soft, revitalized skin. As water and rose petals have been used by Chinese women for centuries, Wei Beauty is proud to produce this cleanser, bursting with energizing Vitamin C, purifying Chinese Rose and nourishing polyglycerols.

    There’s also the Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask. This mud mask, fashioned with deluxe golden root, jujube fruit and rich clay from China’s own soil, purges impurities and leaves one’s skin as smooth as silk. Wei Beauty makes the most of golden root through this mud mask, an herb historically purposed for royalty, to restore youth and form a flawless complexion.

    Another mask is the Yu Zhu Dewy Brilliance Sheet Mask. This facemask moisturizes dry skin and creates a young, healthy glow. Made with goji berries, green tea and yu zhu, this sheet mask is rich in amino acids, vitamin A and anti-inflammatory flavonoids. Perfect after a day of sunbathing, the Yu Zhu Dewy Brilliance Sheet Mask relieves the pain of a sunburn and protects senstitive skin that’s prone to dryness and flakiness.

    Wei Beauty's "Five Sacred Grains Rapid Glow Liquid Milk"

    Wei Beauty’s “Five Sacred Grains Rapid Glow Liquid Milk”

    Lastly, try Wei Beauty’s Five Sacred Grains Rapid Glow Liquid Milk, a skin care product abundant in energizing nutrients. Wei Beauty considers their liquid milk one of their most deluxe products, as the Five Sacred Grains—black soybean, sorghum, Job’s tears, rice and millet—are historically known as “gold from the soil.” These five ingredients are soaked in coconut water for 24 hours, forming a skin-softening, revitalizing lightweight milk. Vitamin C also aids in forming a strong glow in one’s complexion.

    In order to experience all that Wei Beauty provides, Wei Beauty offers value sets that include a range of their products within a single purchase. Currently, they’re hosting summer exclusives, like the Summer Detox Set and Beat the Heat Set. Respectfully, they come with eye treatment pads, mud masks, purifying mists, oil-free gel cream and more. There are also other value sets that are put together with thought to individual health and beauty needs.


    For more information about Wei Beauty, visit: WeiBeauty.com