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    Off-White x Warby Parker Collaboration

    • Aug 8, 2017

    • By:Alyssa Schiff

    off-white-warby-parker-2On July 25th, the sunglass collaboration between Off-White and Warby Parker was released. As was expected, the collection was completely sold out almost as soon as it was released. Off-White’s founder Virgil Abloh can count this as his first triumph of many this year as he has also been announced as one of the designers for the New York Ballet’s Fall Gala.

    Warby Parker has already been challenging the fashion world with their stylish but affordable frames, and it has that “it” factor brands need with its priority being customer service and a unique product. Coupled with Off-White, the products created by the two are a completely new take on a “collection” and fashion insiders everywhere were intrigued by the pairing.

    The collection includes 3 pairs of sunglasses, but the catch is they are all in fact the same design but in imagedifferent sizes. The shades are a boxy take on the classic Wayfarers, and they come in “small”, “medium”, and “large.” Small frames have been receiving the most attention from celebrities on Instagram such as Selena Gomez, Rihanna, and Gigi Hadid, and they were the most popular item from the collection. Though the small frames are the most on-trend, the medium pair are the most wearable and the large frames are the most classic.

    All 3 sizes are completely sold out, and after being sold out on the day of release, they were put back in stock the next day only to be sold out again. The mix of Warby Parker’s edge and affordability with Off-White’s attention to detail was a recipe for success. Both brands aim to challenge the fashion industry in different ways and the idea to bring out one pair of sunglasses in 3 sizes was one that could only come from this pair. At $95 each, the sunglasses were relatively inexpensive when compared to other newly released collections, and yet the value of owning just one of them is so much more.


    Images via Media.gq.com, S1.r29static.com, Blog.warbyparker.com