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    Oh Honey, Honey

    • Feb 18, 2013

    • By:Ashley Almario

    There’s just something exquisite and brag-worthy about the very best flavor, quality, and purity of Bee Raw Honey. We’ve unfortunately become accustomed to the honey brands sold in many big-name stores that contain unnatural, over processed ingredients, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve been settling for too long. While other brands take away from the fresh aroma and taste of pure honey, Bee Raw Honey is fully committed to making premium varietal honeys while protecting American honeybees; reminding us that it is important to embrace nature as it is.

    Aside from tasting great on its own or in a warm cup of tea, you’d be surprised how versatile honey actually is. In fact, Bee Raw Honey has taken the extra step of formulating recipes for great tasting food and drinks that you’ll want to try again and again. Why not enjoy a delicious cocktail served chilled on a hot summer day or a Raspberry Honey Mojito after a hard day’s work? You deserve it. You can also take the delicious honey into the kitchen with recipes that include wings, salad dressings, cookies and even scallops.

    Currently, the American collection from Bee Raw Honey includes honeys from Maine, Washington, Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, California, and even New York. Among the New York honeys are the top selling New York Aster—a light amber, full bodied herbaceous and floral honey—and the rare varietal Basswood honey, which features warm herbal notes and a clean finish. Because honey is so universal, it serves as the perfect gift for a special someone, close friend or housewarming present.

    Bee Raw Honey is sure to soothe those taste buds and give you the most powerful, palatable experience. Below is one of our favorite recipes for the Honey Kir Royale, right from beeraw.com. The perfect way to add some extra glamor to your champagne.


    • 2-3 tablespoons Bee Raw Honey Syrup (either Blueberry or Wild Raspberry)
    • Your favorite rosé champagne


    1. Prepare honey syrup by placing one part honey and one part water in a sauce pan, bring to simmer, then cool.
    2. Split cooled honey syrup into six glasses
    3. Pour champagne and garnish with blueberries or raspberries

    Serves 6