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    On the Road with Jamie Colby

    • Jan 26, 2015

    • By:Nicole Fonzino

    Colby, JamieJamie Colby, co-anchor of Fox’s America’s New Headquarters, gears up to host yet another Fox Network series called Strange Inheritance. The newest reality show, debuting on the Fox Business Network, travels around the United States unveiling peoples’ inexplicable family treasures they have acquired. Cities featured on the show include Waco, Texas; San Diego, California; Portland, Oregon; Lavallette, New Jersey; and many more.

    While experiencing the wonderful oddities of each city can be exhilarating, traveling frequently can put a setback in your beauty routine. Because most women are always yearning for advice on how to travel in style, HudsonMOD spoke with Colby about how she keeps her make-up and style fresh while on the road.

    Read Colby’s tips and on-camera secrets below. Make sure to tune into the first episode of Strange Inheritance tonight, January 26, 2015, at 9 p.m.


    Jamie1Give us a little background on the new Fox Business Network’s reality series you will be hosting called Strange Inheritance. It’s a show about real people who discover they’ve inherited something weird, unusual or unique. Some know they’ve found a fortune, others find even without tremendous financial gain they’ve still got a treasure that tells an incredible ancestral story about their own life and/or legacy.


    What’s the strangest inheritance that you have experienced so far filming the series? Tough to choose they were all odd in their own way! The show is full of surprises! When I agreed to host the series, I didn’t realize how strange these inheritances would be! From an alligator farm to a family-owned amusement park and movie theater, to the largest privately owned collection of insects that were turned into a family museum—no two inheritances were alike. We traveled to 25 states to find them and I bet there’s many more out there we didn’t see. Viewers are invited on the show to email me at amie@strangeinheritance.com when their inheritance stories too.  


    What is the best piece of advice you were given regarding style on camera? Keep it classy and classic and you will never go wrong!


    As the host of the show, style is essential. Describe your style in one sentence or less. Polished.


    image1What is your wardrobe staple? Shoes that might spark a conversation. I have one closet just for heels and flats and many spark a memory of a particular assignment. In every small town I’ve visited over the years, especially covering our military, I ask for help finding the local boot-maker and try to support them by buying cowboy boots. I have my favs!


    If you were to steal a celebrity’s style, whose would you steal and why? Audrey Hepburn or Jacqueline Kennedy. Elegant and understated.


    Let’s say your filming is done for the day and you’re heading out to grab some dinner. What would your street-style look like? Skinny jeans, black biker boots and a big comfy sweater. Cool shades. That’s my uniform.


    If you were to dump out your make-up bag, what would we find in it? Anything that moisturizes! Flying to 25 states in eight months to shoot Strange Inheritance left everything dry. Hand cream, face cream, aquaphor. I splurge on mascara, but everything else are drug store brands. A great set of brushes can make all the difference too. A mini-size hairspray is a must since I’ll often have to face off a flight directly to a shoot location.


    Most people have a go-to product. What can’t you leave home without and why is that? A note my brother Jonathan gave me. It says, “Today will be your Best Day Ever. BDE!”


    Strange_Inheritance logoWhat’s your best-kept secret about looking good on camera? Eating right at most every meal and spinning four to five times a week when I can. Drinking tons of water. Avoiding sugar and carbs. Sodas are a no-no. I’m not perfect, but I need stamina so I definitely try and feel a difference.


    Explain your morning ritual before filming. Is it different then your weekend ritual? I often work weekends so it’s essentially the same. Drink coffee, read papers, check email, call Mom and race out the door! But on the road it was often tough to find all those comfort items we might take advantage of at home.


    If you were to give one piece of advice to women travelers, what would it be? Only bring carry-on luggage or ship ahead. Lost luggage can be avoided!


    Photos Courtesy of Fox Business Network.