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    Orlando’s Grand Debut of Grande Lakes Sports

    • Jun 21, 2017

    • By:Jane Song

    fishingFeeling adventurous? Grande Lakes Orlando just unveiled its new hub for all things adventure on property: Grande Lakes Sports. Located at the headwaters of the Florida Everglades, Grande Lakes offers guests the opportunity to partake in a range of activities from kayak eco-tours to seaplane excursions on the 500-acre grounds all while embracing the natural surroundings.

    The Grande Lakes Sports program now encompasses all of the resort’s outdoor activities. With the newly-launched Hidden Lakes bike trail, guests can now venture on the property’s new bicycles. They can choose to journey on their own pace or embark on a guided ride led by the hotels’ resident “Trail Boss,” who will also point out the best places to catch a glimpse of the Everglades native wildlife along the way. Jim Burns, Vice President and Managing Director of Grande Lakes Orlando called the trail an “exhilarating experience for our guests.”

    The Ultimate Fishing Adventure takes guests on a 30-minute flight to the upper reaches of the historic St. John’s River, Florida’s longest freshwater river and a region accessible primarily by airboat. Once there, guests can enjoy three hours of guided fishing from shore.

    3002a06790fffc0c9e03e5f53cc49872However, for those interested in learning or perfecting their casting technique, Certified Casting Instructor and Director of Fly Fishing, Captain Mark Benson, leads private casting instruction for beginners, intermediate and advanced casters alike. The secluded fishing location provides guests the opportunity to catch largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie and American shad.

    Guests can also aboard the private seaplane for a sight-seeing aerial tour of Orlando. The 45-minute flying adventure includes views of the Orlando theme parks, departing and landing on one of the 12 lakes located at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando.

    Those who want to experience a taste of old Florida’s natural preserves can paddle through canoe or kayak tour of Shingle Creek. Led by a professionally certified Florida Master Naturalist, guests can learn about the history of the headwaters of the Everglades and observe the native species.

    From the comfort of an all-terrain golf cart, guests can also observe and photograph whitetail deer, bobcat, and the North American river otter, among other species. Safari-goers will stop at the property’s Whisper Creek Farm, which features a chicken coop and a fruit and vegetable garden.

    To book a Grande Lakes Sports experience, please call 407-393-4531, or visit GrandeLakes.com.