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    Penhaligon’s Love Story Scents

    • Aug 16, 2016

    • By:Nicole Fonzino

    Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 12.00.29 PMPenhaligon’s, the newest luxury boutique to open in the Short Hills Mall, is known for its rich, memorable scents. Recently, the London-based perfumer launched its latest scented story: a Mythical Love Story. The collection, which was launched this summer, is comprised of two signature scents: Endymion Concentre, a fragrance for men, and Luna EDT, a sweet, floral scent for women.


    The concept behind the two fragrances come from Greek mythology, according to Penhaligon’s. The story behind Endymion Concentre and Luna EDT goes as follows: “Endymion, the most handsome son of Zeus, was placed into a perpetual slumber by the Goddess of the Moon so that she could gaze upon him forever, his stunning face unmarked by the passage of time. The wishes of the Goddess were granted, and Endymion slept on for all eternity, his smile everlasting. And no wonder, for he spent his life forever dreaming that he held the moon, Luna, gently in his arms.”


    Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 11.59.51 AMAccording to Penhaligon’s, Endymion Concentre is a “luxurious interpretation” of their original scent, Endymion. The Concentre blends together a variety of scents to create its lustful scent including spices, leather and floral. Head notes of Endymion Concentre include Bergamot, lavender and sage, while the heart notes include geranium and suede accord. To draw men to the scent, Penhaligon’s ensured that one of the most popular base notes incorporated leather, a key note in many signature scents for men. Other base notes include incense and nutmeg.


    Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 12.00.00 PMThe complement scent for women in this scented love story is Luna EDT. The fragrance tries to capture the brightness the moon offers by using lighthearted notes. Luna EDT’s head notes include Bergamot, lemon and orange oils for sweet scent and uses rose accord, jasmine petal accord and juniper berry oil as heart notes to garner the perfect light, fresh smell. Luna EDT’s base notes include fir balsam, amber gris and musks to ensure its sultry scent lingers long after you spray.

    Both Endymion Concentre and Luna EDT retail for $170 and are available at the Penhaligon’s boutique in the Short Hills Mall or online at www.penhaligons.com.



    Images via Penhaligons.com and Penahaligon’s Facebook