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    Private Island Vacation

    • Apr 8, 2012

    • By:Kelly Leigh

    Taking a break from the frenetic day-to-day routine is just one of the many pleasures of the warm weather and the realization that summer is just around the corner. Haven’t you earned a vacation to somewhere truly spectacular this year?

    As always, the Hamptons, Miami Beach or the California coastline are ready to assist, but for a genuinely luxurious getaway devoid of long lines, noisy neighbors and a pool full of—gasp!—strangers, nothing beats renting your own island. Your own island. Now, we’re talking vacation.

    Looking for pristine white beaches? Check. An expansive residence in the Caribbean? Check. Currently, there’s a significant market for renting private islands for weeks and even months at a time around the globe. What’s most astonishing is that getting away to a remote island of your own is not much more extensive than booking a weekend in Montauk. With websites including Private Islands Online and Vladi Private Islands, choosing your destination is just a few clicks away.

    Scattered among the crystal clear waters of French Polynesia and a boat ride away from the main island of Bora Bora is the private, all-inclusive resort Motu Tané. The island, which is listed for $230,000 a week and can accommodate 26 guests, boasts two expansive master suites in one large, thatched-roof bungalow designed internally by French designer Christian Liaigre. With 11 other guest rooms on the island you, your family and friends can enjoy magical private moments or action-packed excursions.

    When you get there, don’t forget to send HudsonMOD a postcard.