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    Puppy Daycare Has Never Been More Luxurious Than at The Morris Animal Inn

    • Jul 13, 2017

    • By:Lindsey Heale

    Located in Morristown, NJ, the Morris Animal Inn offers pets the full, five-star treatment through its premium care and host of amenities. There are outside play areas, trained, accredited staff touring the premises at all times and comforting background music in the rooms. Pets can also lounge in the sunshine while inside, as spacious windows allow natural light to keep them warm and happy.

    16899418635_f72bb81984_kFor pet owners who have busy work schedules, a planned stay away from home or even a house party in the future, the Morris Animal Inn is a blessing. The Inn offers a variety of packages that are customized to different dog personalities. There’s Adventure Playcare, Group Daycare, Poolside Daycare and Manners Daycare. Whether your dogs prefers more individual human attention, a group outing with other dogs or an overall fun time outside, the Morris Animal Inn will find the perfect place for him/her.

    The grooming & spa services lavish pets in the finest treatments, cuts and trimmings and massages available. The Morris Animal Inn even features an exclusive spa-like system, called the Prima© Bathing System, which gently massages dogs while washing away the dirt and grime of a full day of play. There are even more services available (such as a blueberry facial), either factored into a lodging stay, single appointment or daycare reservation.doggroom

    The Morris Animal Inn trains your dogs too! With the Manners Package, dogs will be supervised by expert trainers as they’re positively reinforced to follow simple behaviors, like the following: sit, come, leash manners, impulse control and more. On top of learning, they’ll also be exercising, playing and socializing with other dogs, if they stay at the daycare. For more in-depth training, sign your pet up for the 14-day camp, where are a variety of other behaviors are taught and later reinforced by owners at home.

    Cats are very welcome, if the question was on your mind. The Morris Animal Inn hosts condos, deluxe condos and luxury suites for feline friends, which come with comfortable accommodations. Kitties can play, nap and keep each other company during their stay.

    To make a reservation at or learn more about the Morris Animal Inn, visit their website or call (973) 532-5030. A pet chauffeur service is optional, where pets are taken care of from home and en route to the inn. This internationally recognized pet facility loves to take care of happy pets and help them succeed!