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    Quite A Trip

    • Oct 10, 2012

    • By:Amanda Mcelroy

    After visiting the Montclair Art Museum’s (MAM) latest exhibit, Georgia O’Keeffe : In New Mexico -Architecture, Katsinam, and the Land, it seems a bit easier to appreciate a far away and sometimes forgotten part of America. To most east coast dwellers, the desert landscape is not only foreign, but often times non-existent. We think only sand, cactus plants, wild deadly animals, and a bearing sun. To us, the essence of the desert’s beauty is lost—but is easily found thanks to Ms. O’Keeffe and the folks at the MAM.

    As Election Day draws near and the televised debates get hotter, the works of Georgia O’Keeffe allow us to stop, breathe, and simply appreciate the land we call home. The famed painter depicts scenes of a quaint desert lifestyle, highlighting the natural earth-toned beauty of her beloved New Mexico. Tours led by the museum’s educated staff were offered every thirty minutes to further guests’ understanding and appreciation of the works on display.

    The relaxed atmosphere was complimented by the soft sounds of live jazz music from selected musicians of the Montclair State University Cali School of Music. Accompanying the cocktail clad guests were specialty drinks sponsored by Egan & Sons restaurant, and only satisfied smiles gracing the faces of the roughly 400 guests who meandered through the halls of the museum to admire O’Keeffe’s talents.