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    Receive Inside Access To Hollywood Domino

    • Jan 23, 2014

    • By:Amanda Thorogood

    For the last six years, Hollywood Domino has carefully crafted a dazzling place for itself amongst one of the busiest weeks in Los Angeles. The days prior to Academy Awards have always been filled with glitz, glamour and a never-ending calendar of galas and celebrations.

    Now, with the seventh annual Hollywood Domino event just weeks away, it’s clear that its position has been etched in the calendars of Hollywood’s elite. It’s now expected that on the Thursday prior to the Oscars, more than 300 guests will converge upon the iconic Sunset Tower Hotel for a “game night” of epic proportions. And February 27 is that night.

    As a sponsor of this year’s Hollywood Domino, HudsonMOD is offering the unique opportunity to bring a select number of VIP guests to experience one of the year’s most talked about celebrity events.

    “This is an event that gives you the opportunity to have access to the experience of the Oscars, of the red carpet, of having the opportunity to interact with filmmakers and people who are nominated [for Academy Awards] in a VIP, exclusive party,” says Daya Fernandez, who created the event and game of the same name.

    The black-tie optional soirée brings together some of the biggest stars from film, TV and music, and they’ve got designer names in toe. From Versace to Dolce, guests step on the red carpet dressed to impress. And for many, this is not their first Hollywood Domino affair. As Fernandez explains, many of the celebrity guests in attendance return year after year with the guarantee of a great time.

    “There are a lot of parties every day that week where maybe you’ll see one or two celebrities attend. They go, they show up and then they leave. At our event people hang out, they have fun, they play games, go to the photo booth, go to the bar. They really come to support us and to hang out,” says Fernandez.

    But rest assured, there’s a place for you.

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