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    Right Hair, Right Now

    • Mar 8, 2013

    • By:Marco Medrano

    Color where?! Wax what?! Tweeze?! Man up, fellas. Here at HudsonMOD, we like to think that the giggle-inducing squeamish reactions to all things male grooming are a thing of the past. Like, that’s so 1998. After all, you think your favorite sportscasters, telegenic athletes and news anchors wake up looking that good? Yeah, we’re looking at you Howie Long. OK, maybe the genetic freak otherwise known as David Beckham doesn’t have to worry, but the rest of us need a little help—some of us need a little bit more.

    Are you hankering to grow those tight ringlets on top of your head more than an inch? Were you branded at birth with two bushy triangles above your eyes? Are potato spuds growing from your ear lobes? Perhaps your “distinguished greys” crept beyond your temples? A “yes” to any one of the above queries is best addressed by a professional salon (not your cousin Isabel) that acknowledges these dilemmas on its services menu. But where to go?

    Ever feel that your usual national chain haircut was technically perfect, yet lacked enthusiasm or the right amount of edge? Sometimes all it takes is a little longer cheek-length waft of hair on top to separate you from the pack. Or perhaps you’ve been seeing expertly done bronze-brown highlights or noticed a new club member’s grey hair has been slowly vanishing. Specialized services such as these must be consistently good. Happy results occur with communication and planning that will help ensure your long-term image is on track. So if pulling a numbered ticket or being ushered in to the “next available” stylist is your usual M.O., set up a well-deserved consultation.

    One of New York City’s top ultimate masculine sanctuaries is Martial Vivot Salon Pour Hommes in midtown. Its VIP services menu excels where national chains fall short. From groundbreaking Keratin hair smoothing, hair relaxers and a full spectrum of hair color services to master shaving, manicures, brow tweezing and ear and nose grooming, this small, yet ornately modern oasis of male betterment is that place you always wished existed. Check out its “regime” Style Strategy or its “On-camera” services embracing Green room, HD and location filming specialties. You may never just “go get a haircut” again. Martial Vivot Salon is unequivocally a must. 39 W. 54th Street, New York City 10019; 212.956.2990 www.martialvivot.com

    Should you find yourself across the Hudson from lower Manhattan, make sure to stop in at TRIM Hoboken, a lofty, chic barber shop/salon that fits in perfectly with that city’s too-cool-for-you vibe of specialized shops, cafes and university hipsters. Best part? TRIM Hoboken is right down the street from the path train. The barber shop/salon’s owners, brothers Dairen and Leo Coto, were incredibly gracious prior to our service. TRIM’s menu is precision haircuts and clipper cuts, hot towel shaves, brows and hair color. When I was there, there was a palpable confidence exuding from the stylists, which tells me they’re passionate about their craft. Believe me, that really matters. Go ahead and give TRIM hoboken a try. 303 First Street, Hoboken 07030; 201.942.9122 www.trimhoboken.com