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    Robert Graham Limited Editions

    • Jun 5, 2013

    • By:Marianella Orlando

    In the 1800s, Ralph Waldo Emerson made a lasting impression in literature with his famous views on conformity: “Imitation is suicide” he stated. Now, for over the past 40 years fashion designer Robert Stock has once again taken a slice out of the normal, and perhaps sometimes tad boring, boundaries of life. Emerson had the art of writing and Stock has made his impression through the art of fashion.

    With an extensive and impressive career that includes past laurels at Ralph Lauren, Stock decided to change the rules of fashion and bring boldness to the typical with the conception of Robert Graham in 2001.

    Coined “American Eclectic,” the Robert Graham brand continues to expand and push the envelope with the additions of belts, cufflinks, knitwear, jackets, loungewear, swimwear, a women’s line and so much more to the already established collection of popular men’s sports shirts. The designs of Robert Graham’s trendy lines have captured the attention of men in corner offices and on the 18th hole as well as many celebrities, including Blake Shelton, Brad Paisley, Cameron Mathison and Mariano Rivera. Robert Graham can also be found in more than 1,200 premium retail locations globally, with a freestanding store in New Jersey’s own The Mall at Short Hills.

    With so much anticipation each season over the upcoming patterns and designs that will soon be released, the Robert Graham Limited Editions has become a central focus in its own right. This carefully selected assembly of items has fans clamoring to make sure their closets are properly stocked.

    Typically available for a month—but not uncommonly sold out in just a week’s time—each Limited Editions collection centers around a specific theme. For the current Spring/Summer, the trendsetting men are treated to options with a strong focus on luxury living. These sport shirts have vibrant colors, laser art details, special trims and very rich, luxe fabrications.

    Though it’s likely these shirts won’t be available for too much longer (isn’t that part of the fun, after all), we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t provide you with an insider tip on the upcoming season, straight from the experts at Robert Graham: The Bitterline and Malachite shirts from Fall/Winter are wardrobe must-haves. Be on the lookout. View the complete collection at RobertGraham.us