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    Robin Ruth: Not Your Average Souvenir

    • Jul 17, 2013

    • By:Jacqueline Roman

    Travel in style? Why not accessorize in style? Robin Ruth doesn’t think the extravagance of a vacation should cease the moment you step foot on home soil. This extensive and ever-expanding fashion company designs their products with the idea of individualization, luxury and “uniqueness” in mind. It’s time to forgo the idea that you’re only a fashionable jet setter if you’re on vacation at One&Only. With the designs of Robin Ruth you can maintain that worldly image long after you touch down in Jersey once again.

    This supplier of all things desirable to the trendy tourist has come a long way from its origins in Amsterdam. Established in 1998, Robin Ruth dipped its feet into the oasis of travel-wear with the manufacturing of fine silk scarves and ties. This small venture was hardly enough to satiate the ambitious minds behind the company and soon the vision of becoming a global enterprise was realized. Robin Ruth is now represented in more than 45 countries worldwide and develops a wide range of high-quality souvenir products including hats, luggage, flip-flops, t-shirts and numerous styles of bags.

    It is not only the emphasis on relevancy and notoriety that puts Robin Ruth in front of the pack, but the obvious attention to detail and belief in constant product development makes success even more assured. And just as the company values innovation and modern inspiration, traditional corporate values also play a key role as the cornerstone of their business ideology. This is one company that will never grow too big to listen to customer feedback on how to improve upon products and how to incorporate the latest trends into Robin Ruth designs. The latest Skyline Tote, City Bag and Neon Sling Bag are all stylish proof of how Robin Ruth takes into account what the client wants.

    Just as you were awe-struck by the sightseeing in Italy, your fellow fashion aficionados will be entranced by the Robin Ruth bag on your arm. The company’s motto is “Be Noticed” after all.