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    Rockstar Puppy’s Canopy Dog Bed Will Have Your Best Friend Napping in Splendor

    • Jul 15, 2017

    • By:Lindsey Heale

    Looking to style your best friend in the coolest clothes of all? Rockstar Puppy debuted its exclusive, designer dog brand in 2009, and have strived to fashion dogs in the trendiest wear available since. They also have custom dog houses, helmets and motorcycle carriers on top of their array of clothing and accessories. So, whether your pooch prefers a nice tee and leather jacket or a lovely dress, Rockstar Puppy has them covered.


    “Antique Gold Crown Canopy Dog Bed”

    Indeed, to Rockstar Puppy, image is certainly everything. That’s why they’re currently showcasing an elegant, sophisticated dog bed. The Antique Gold Crown Canopy Dog Bed ensures that your dog will feel on top of the world, and in comfort all the while. Handcrafted for an individual touch, this dog bed has stunning details in the iron and tole. Each straight and curved line rises to the top, meeting to fashion the crown. Multi-colored jewels span the crown’s sides, adding a splash of color among the gold. Priced at $325, this canopy dog bed is fit for any queen and every king.

    The dog bed also fits any standard-sized pillow, though one is not included. However, overall, there is little assembly required, allowing your dog more time to check out its new favorite sleeping spot. Soon enough, blanketed by a soft canopy sheet, they’ll never have slept easier.


    "Antique Gold Iron Crown Dog Feeder"

    “Antique Gold Iron Crown Dog Feeder”

    And, because image is everything, Rockstar Puppy offers a custom dog feeder to match. The Antique Gold Iron Crown Dog Feeder is equally handcrafted by talented craftsmen, finished with the shimmering multicolored jewels around the crown. It includes two stainless steel bowls, and weighs 5 pounds and 6 ounces. Any meal will feel like a feast, whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner. (Those sneaky, afternoon snacks will be even tastier too.)

    Rockstar Puppy has a range of products available for purchase. Browse their website, and give your dog the cool, chic style they were born to wear.