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    Rodeo Drive Shopping

    • Jun 10, 2012

    • By:Richard Perez-Feria

    You find yourself in Beverly Hills for a day or two, maybe stopping in the City of Angels on the way home from Hawaii or, better yet, Australia, and you decide you want to be super nice (super duper nice) to the man in your life. But where to go?

    After the requisite al fresco chopped salad/mint julep lunch at The Ivy—how do they cram so many celebrities onto one patio?—you can only spare 45 minutes to find the perfect jaw-dropping present before heading back to the Chateau Marmont to meet friends poolside. Also vital, this particular gift can’t be replicated back home. You want to find something not available at all on Fifth or Madison Avenues or certainly Short Hills Mall. What to do? And the clock is tickin’.

    Go directly to Rodeo Drive and make your way to Battaglia, the world famous men’s specialty store. On Rodeo for more than fifty years, not only is Battaglia the oldest store on Rodeo Drive, it’s one of the oldest men’s specialty stores in the world. This is the place to shop for that one “Wow” piece he’ll be all too happy to wear. And according to Battaglia General Manager Dow Thamombhand, the single must-have item in his store is the custom fur-lined leisure jacket. When it comes to outerwear, there’s nothing quite like it on the planet. The jacket will set you back a cool $50,000, but what are a few pennies when he gets the jacket of his dreams?

    OK, other Rodeo Drive-only options include Patek Philippe, Gearys Beverly Hills, Richard Mille and Kenda Scott. But, all I know is if someone brought me a fur-lined custom jacket from Battaglia, there’s very little I wouldn’t do for them in return. Run to Battaglia, people. It’s on Rodeo Drive for a reason.