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    Ronnetta J. Coleman Jewelry

    • Aug 21, 2013

    • By:Christin Aswad

    When thinking back to ancient Egypt, I can’t help but focus on the grandeur in which the upper castes lived.  From the awe-inspiring tombs that are the great pyramids to the stunning finery men and women draped themselves in, Egypt’s rich and royal seemed to live everyday surrounded with all the decadence they could find.

    This larger-than-life style is what designer Ronnetta J. Coleman hopes to bring to the modern woman through her eponymous jewelry and accessory collections.

    “For me, more is more,” says Coleman of her design sense, which can easily be seen when looking at her magnificent accessories. One of her designs, Coleman’s Cleo earrings, named after the inspiration behind them, Queen Cleopatra, are crafted of finely spun gold wire forming a cascade of interconnected circles that produce an elegant and powerful statement. This stunning, artistic design is the basis of all of her pieces.

    Coleman grew up with a love and appreciation for art, and left her hometown of Buffalo in New York to pursue her passion to be a designer at the International Academy of Design and Technology in Chicago. In 2007 she relocated once again to the East Coast to expand her business and gain access to more opportunities.

    When speaking of what she hopes to accomplish through her designs, Coleman talks often about wanting to be known as an innovator, referencing another of her inspirations, Frank Lloyd Wright.

    “Even though he is an architect I admire how ahead of his time he was,” she states. “My first Wright tour was while I was in high school and his work nearly brought me to tears.”

    Through her jewelry and accessories Coleman strives to revolutionize how women accessorize, expanding women’s traditional adornments to include body jewelry, such as her Joseline Leg Accessory and her numerous face and headpieces.

    “I want to be able to look back and be proud of my achievements and the power that stands behind my name. It’s not easy trying to make a name for yourself anywhere in this world, but not trying is worse.”

    Well, Coleman has certainly made a name for herself, as she has been recognized by numerous heavy-hitters in the fashion world.  Her pieces have been featured at the PGA Tour in Orlando and in China and even were part of the “New Works” exhibit at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

    “Being lovely most of the time is logical…Women are born to be lovely creatures; I’m just helping them realize their potential.”

    As an accessorizing aficionado, a lovelier more accessorized world sounds, to me, simply ideal.